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Guided Meditation and the Collective Unconscious

You may wonder why Sahaja Online offers guided meditation sessions that include hundreds of participants at the same time, and the answer lies in the concept of the collective unconscious. In the West, the noted psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote a lot about it. In essence, he contended that by virtue of being human beings, we all have access to the shared memories of the species.

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Spirituality vs. Religion

Are spirituality and religion the same thing? While there is indeed some overlap in these concepts, they are actually quite different from one another. For example, while someone may identify as being spiritual, it does not necessarily mean they are committed to a specific group or doctrine.

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What is Collective Meditation?

People have been coming together to meditate or pray for centuries. Today, group meditations are becoming more and more common. Beyond the benefits of personal meditation, many meditators also enjoy the power of collective meditation, involving a group of people meditating together. During collective meditation, each person is integrated into the collective group.

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The Basics of Kundalini Energy

Sahaja meditation acts on your inner spiritual energy and an intricate system of energy channels and centers. This inner spiritual energy is known as Kundalini energy.

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