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The best way to overcome tiredness

Relax, take it easy, get some rest, they’ll say. As meditation practitioners, we can certainly do something much better and specific than that.

We feel tired because our attention within us is tired, and we cannot cope and take it anymore. Ever notice how you feel tired or lacking motivation even when you haven’t exerted yourself physically or mentally?

When we keep our attention fresh, recharged, and raring to go, we can cope with nearly any level of physical or mental exertion.

The secret to having lots of energy is to work on our attention, cleanse it, and recharge it frequently.

Let’s examine how meditation can help with this.

by Shankar Ramani

The power of longer, deeper and slower meditation

In one of my recent meditation sessions for a Sahaja Online audience, I decided to share a routine I try and follow a few times a week.

A surprising number of attendees from my session got back to me, stating how their experience was truly unique and how they experienced a rare, deep silence during their meditation using this approach.

In short, the approach is the antithesis of the fast-paced, busy, rushed world and lives we experience today. Every once in a while, I make a deliberate attempt to simulate the relaxed lives of people 50 or 100 years ago. These people had plenty of time, not a lot of pressure and most important of all, their lives were incredibly uncomplicated. There weren’t phones, the internet or television and they spent a lot of time with nature. Clearly, their attention was a lot less stressed and busy, unlike ours.

by Shankar Ramani

How outdoor meditation can change your life

By Shankar Ramani, Editor and Instructor, Sahaja Online

Thanks to the weather, I’ve been able to venture outdoors to do some of my meditation. In the process, I stumbled upon the sheer power of a meditation technique we’ve always recommended. Yet it took some concerted focus and effort to realize how effective it can be.

It cleared my attention, made me feel energetic, light and agile all day. More than that, it seems to be unclogging my spiritual energy system at the deepest of levels.

This method also works directly on the foundation of our spiritual system and on the chakra that is the foundation of our spiritual growth.

All types of outdoor meditation are not created equal, so let’s examine the specifics of the most effective form of outdoor meditation.

by Sahaja Online

Highly Effective Meditation Techniques for Spring and Summer

You might wonder how meditation techniques can change with the weather. Well, Sahaja meditation provides a broad range of techniques and there are some of them that lend themselves very well to the use of nature’s conditions in spring and summer.


These are to do with the use of the natural elements because it’s easier and fun to be outdoors during these times of the year. But while you’re enjoying being outdoors, you can combine fun with some great meditation techniques that give huge benefits.

by Sahaja Online

Preserving Your Meditative State All Day Long

You’ve just finished a wonderfully peaceful meditation, opened your eyes and suddenly think, what about the rest of my day? I’ve got another 12 hours of relentless bombardment by modern life and how do I take some of this feeling with me? This is a question that all of us who meditate and live in the hustle and bustle of modern life often ask ourselves and find ourselves without a ready solution.

by David Dunphy