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Establishing a failure-proof meditation schedule

Our last article described how Sahaja meditation and its wide-ranging benefits go far beyond those provided by mere relaxation meditation. Sahaja is a holistic way of enriching your life in every dimension. But it all comes with hard work and persistence until you can achieve a “failure-proof” meditation routine in your life. Having a failure-proof routine means that you’re set for life and don’t have to worry about having the discipline to get to your meditation schedule and sessions ever.

Here’s how to do this.

by Sahaja Online

Meditation can help get through social distancing

Last week, we talked about how social distancing has a silver lining and could be used to change your life positively in many ways.

But for those of us who are struggling with many problems in life, including financial, health, or family-related brought about by the pandemic of the century, meditation can be a massive help in getting through this period.

We examine some specific meditation-related methods for overcoming the stress and loneliness that forced social distancing can bring in our lives.

by Sahaja Online

How to get out of a downward spiral in life

Now, more than ever, we face one of the most challenging periods in our lives. Many people are having or fear facing a period when many things can go wrong quite quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, these are also when spiritual self-improvement can take a back seat as we can get overwhelmed with too many things. Sure, some of us will use this opportunity to go deeper spiritually, but the chaos and challenging times usually take too much of a toll on our attention.

And so, more often than not, things begin to deteriorate on many fronts. We start getting into a downward spiral, a vicious cycle where things start getting worse progressively.

Not all downward spirals need to be severe or earth-shattering. Some or even most can be the slow degradation variety and can also be in a particular facet or aspect of our lives. 

The problem is that we don’t realize we’re in a downward spiral until things have gotten terrible. We are unlikely to take corrective action until we see severe outcomes.

For instance….we may find we’ve been eating unhealthy and skipping exercise over many months. Our relationships may be strained for a long time and at the point of breaking. Our finances may be slowly deteriorating as the savings begin to go down. Our jobs may feel stale and not motivating enough. None of these have to necessarily happen simultaneously, but they certainly can in isolation.

Or, the most popular one for those pursuing self-improvement – our interest, motivation and progress on spirituality and higher pursuits is waning continuously, and we’re hitting new lows every now and then.

So, how do we break out of such periods of downward spirals in our lives?

A healthy and special dose of spirituality is the only real way to motivate our physical, mental and emotional selves to get out of the rut.

by Sahaja Online

How outdoor meditation can change your life

By Shankar Ramani, Editor and Instructor, Sahaja Online

Thanks to the weather, I’ve been able to venture outdoors to do some of my meditation. In the process, I stumbled upon the sheer power of a meditation technique we’ve always recommended. Yet it took some concerted focus and effort to realize how effective it can be.

It cleared my attention, made me feel energetic, light and agile all day. More than that, it seems to be unclogging my spiritual energy system at the deepest of levels.

This method also works directly on the foundation of our spiritual system and on the chakra that is the foundation of our spiritual growth.

All types of outdoor meditation are not created equal, so let’s examine the specifics of the most effective form of outdoor meditation.

by Sahaja Online

Love: the purest and most powerful energy

In one of my recent online meditation sessions, I decided to choose the topic of love and its spiritual significance. Love is an ages-old feeling and phenomenon that is perhaps most widely and loosely used in our lives. To confirm this, I started looking up the dictionary meaning of the word and was hardly surprised at how the world understands it.

In fact, the meanings got more and more ridiculous and plainly wrong as I went down the list of various definitions of love.

A profoundly tender and passionate affection for another person? That’s way too shallow.

A feeling of warm personal attachment as for a parent, child or friend? I’d argue that it’s quite the opposite – those who love do so without any attachments.

Sexual passion and desire? Now, it clearly was time to toss the dictionary as useless for understanding what love really is.

So, let’s try and understand what love really means at a very evolved level of existence – in a spiritual person’s life.

by Shankar Ramani