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The best way to overcome tiredness

Relax, take it easy, get some rest, they’ll say. As meditation practitioners, we can certainly do something much better and specific than that.

We feel tired because our attention within us is tired, and we cannot cope and take it anymore. Ever notice how you feel tired or lacking motivation even when you haven’t exerted yourself physically or mentally?

When we keep our attention fresh, recharged, and raring to go, we can cope with nearly any level of physical or mental exertion.

The secret to having lots of energy is to work on our attention, cleanse it, and recharge it frequently.

Let’s examine how meditation can help with this.

by Shankar Ramani

Why meditation and spirituality are difficult

The most catchy advertisements for meditation try to make it look simple so you can learn it in a few minutes and achieve Nirvana shortly after. And likely solve all the problems in your life within the next hour after that. And those who are out to make money by selling spirituality and meditation say they’re both very easily achievable. Yet you must pay them for many sessions and classes for a very long time to get the benefits. They also say that meditation can only be achieved with one of their teachers. The irony is more than evident.

Here at Sahaja Online, we like to be straight with you. Meditation is challenging to master. Spirituality is even more complex, and it takes a lifetime to immerse yourself in it. 

Let’s explore why and see what it takes to get the most out of meditation and spirituality.

by Shankar Ramani

Addiction is commonplace today

Last week, we announced a new set of online meditation programs as part of our efforts to reinvigorate our spiritual growth. This week, we commence our first weekend workshop focused on using meditation effectively to overcome undesirable habits and addictions.

In this workshop, we look at how the world has shifted in its definition of addiction and, more importantly, how we may already be addicted to many things without being aware of it.

by Sahaja Online

Spirituality requires grit and determination

Yes, you read that right. A routine, high-quality meditation experience may give the impression of calm, gentle people, entirely at peace with themselves and nearly looking like they’re floating in the heavens. Or that they’re in blissful enjoyment every moment of their lives.

While those are the outcomes that we strive for and are typical benefits, a meditator’s life is not easy and rosy. It requires hard work, tenacity, grit, determination, and getting past periods of poor progress and even failures along the way related to spiritual achievements.

If someone sold you 10-minute stress relief, a magical solution called meditation that grants benefits ranging from a complete makeover of your personality to almost being able to solve world hunger miraculously, you have been conned.

Meditation is a long-term effort with delayed gratification. Or at least the deeper benefits certainly take longer to manifest.

Yet, what keeps us on this path is that it offers the promise of the most significant and highest achievement of the purpose of our lives. And the rewards in the later stages of the journey are unmatched and life-transforming.

So, let’s understand the hard part of our spiritual journey clearly.

by Sahaja Online

A summer for unlocking your spiritual potential

Meditation is a long-term effort. Spiritual meditation is a lifetime achievement where we discover our true inner selves and guide our lives to stay true to what it desires.

Consistency and patience are the keys to success. Along with that, an insatiable thirst for discovering our deepest layers.

Just as each of us is involved in introspection about our spiritual growth, the Sahaja Online team decided to introspect on the types of programs that might help our attendees get the maximum benefit in getting varied experiences routinely from their meditation practice.

We realized that we all need more profound meditations and longer sessions to get into the depths of exploring and applying spiritual concepts. At the same time, we undertsand that weekdays can be busy, and a quick and strong dose of meditation can really help.

In keeping with this, we have lined up several new formats and topics starting in May.

by Sahaja Online