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This is how much time you really need for meditation

It’s quite an interesting question that we get asked all the time and one that’s extremely important to a meditator. 5 minute and 10-minute meditations are quite popular these days. Those who offer meditation are desperate to make money in a highly competitive market where the options and choices are endless. But quick and easy is what sells and gets views on Youtube or likes on social media, which explains a plethora of quick “recharge yourself” offerings. Then there is upselling to yoga mats and other products that enhance your meditation experience.


It goes on and on….commercial intent without any consideration for the optimal time that your personal, individual journey to self-improvement and better health requires. But how long you should meditate and how much time you spend on it is something you should control and determine, rather than allow marketing professionals to dictate this.


And the point to focus here is what realistically is the time needed for meditation to be effective and beneficial for you? Some answers we give will surprise you.


by Sahaja Online

What to do when you’re frustrated and about to lose it

Yes, today’s times are very testing for everyone. Meditator or not, every one of us has those moments and situations when we’re close to boiling over. We’ve reached the tipping point. The proverbial straw is about to break the camel’s back very soon. We’re having what seems to be one of our worst days. And the biggest problem is that the other person seems to be blind to what is a straightforward case and the right thing to do. You can’t seem to make him or her see your point of view and simply cannot fathom how such people even exist or what drives their thinking.


Sounds familiar? We have some answers, but only because we have a little bit of experience as meditators, not because we’re free of such situations or states of mind ourselves at all times.


by Sahaja Online

Deepening your meditation experience

Many of us struggle on the periphery of the realm that gives us a deep, soothing experience when we meditate. We merely touch the surface. For some of us, that’s the way it has been for months or even years. For others, a tepid, imperceptible sensation that seems to make us mildly calmer is all we have thus far – we await the moment where the magical experience of meditation can penetrate into us.


In fact, all this may be true of the 80% of us meditators. But some of us are fortunate to have the nectar of deep meditation at some points in time, however infrequent it may be.  The question is – how is this state achieved and why don’t we get this every day and each time we meditate?


by Sahaja Online

Meditation unites us in the Age of Division

Each of us is inexorably shaped by the environment of which we are a part. Our language, culture, politics and belief systems are all influenced by where we are born and how we are brought up to view the world.  This process of relative conditioning affects all of us in varying degrees and is a major factor in the emergence of the “Age of Division” in which we find ourselves today.


Where does the solution lie?


by David Dunphy

Highly effective meditation techniques for spring and summer

You might wonder how meditation techniques can change with the weather. Well, Sahaja meditation provides a broad range of techniques and there are some of them that lend themselves very well to the use of nature’s conditions in spring and summer.


These are to do with the use of the natural elements because it’s easier and fun to be outdoors during these times of the year. But while you’re enjoying being outdoors, you can combine fun with some great meditation techniques that give huge benefits.


by Sahaja Online