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Doubtless Awareness

Sahaja meditation provides an entry point — and a real chance — to achieving enlightenment. Enlightenment is essentially the union of the Inner Self with the natural, all-pervading universal energy. The enlightenment journey, then, helps us seek higher values, experience growth in key character and personality traits, and continuously evolve to become better human beings in our lifetimes. (For more details about enlightenment, see enlightenment in Sahaja.)

So, what is Doubtless Awareness?

As you’ve probably learned by now, the state of thoughtless awareness is unique to Sahaja meditation. It is the elevation of our consciousness to a higher plane, achieved by the movement of our individual Kundalini energy. On this higher plane, we experience complete bliss, joy and purified attention. The inner energy flows strongly through us, connecting with the all-pervading energy that we become one with, nourishing our energy centers and energy channels, healing and improving us in so many ways. In this state, it may also be said that we have an awareness of the collective, universal energy because we are one with it. So, we sense what’s known as the collective consciousness. For more information see, Realms of Consciousness.

Doubtless awareness is an even subtler form of the awareness of the collective consciousness than thoughtless awareness. If enlightenment can be imagined as the foothills of a large mountain, then doubtless awareness is the peak of that mountain, the pinnacle of spiritual achievement.

But as this analogy suggests, it is by no means an easy feat to achieve. In fact, it’s likely that nearly all Sahaja practitioners would say that they’re still climbing upward somewhere along the trail toward this peak of doubtless awareness, and many possibly have quite a way to go before they can get a good glimpse of the peak.

What could Doubtless Awareness feel like?

If you just learned that Thoughtless Awareness and Self-Realization are subtle concepts, then Doubtless Awareness is indescribably subtler. So we offer some plausible theories, backed by at least a little experience from long time Sahaja practitioners, as to how Doubtless Awareness could feel like.

When we are in doubtless awareness, we know precisely how the Kundalini energy works and moves. We can analyze specific problems within us, or within the collective consciousness, in general. We are able to detect problems in the world around us on the spiritual plane.

Our attention or consciousness must now become even subtler in order to be able to touch this doubtless state of awareness. We have no doubts whatsoever in the divine power, how it works, and how to use it for our own good, as well as for the good of the world at large. We can become healers. We have unwavering attention. We do not hesitate to explore alternatives for just about any problem; when we are in doubtless awareness, we can identify the right solution instantaneously and execute it immediately.

We become extremely knowledgeable and highly intuitive in general, especially with respect to spiritual aspects.

The light of our Spirit or Inner Self enlightens the mind-brain; we open our hearts and our hearts start ruling our brains. This in no way diminishes our cognitive abilities or other functions our brains must perform; rather our “brainpower” is enhanced — all cognitive, emotional and spiritual functioning within us becomes fully integrated, and operating smoothly as a single holistic unit.

Our spiritual state becomes blissful.

We become more powerful personalities — compassionate and loving, fully balanced, completely cleansed of all destructive, depressive and oppressive ideas.

More importantly, we begin to do the work of the divine in some form — we become instruments for guiding people to the path of spirituality.

How does one reach Doubtless Awareness?

Even in the spiritual plane, we can exist in some stages of doubtless awareness. Thoughtless awareness manifests relatively easily, possibly even on the first day of our Self-Realization. Thereafter, although we have an elevated level of consciousness, can feel the divine energy and are on the path to self-improvement, we may still exist in a state where we experience doubts, struggle with evaluating choices, have hesitations about many issues. We may continue to have attachments to mundane things. We may continue to pursue and be led by materialistic ambitions. And yes, the notorious ego within us may still be lurking all the while, rearing its ugly head from time to time. Emotionally, too, we may not always exist in perfect balance, or in complete control of our emotional responses.

This stage of spiritual existence is known as Savikalpa, a stage where we may progress spiritually, but are still doubtful, hesitant and exploring various options and alternatives.

But as we progress along our spiritual journey, our attention and consciousness eventually grows subtler. We begin to frequently recognize the effects of our own egos. We can regulate our emotions and be in complete control. We begin to realize that our relationships, while essential to our well-being, must also to be viewed with a healthy sense of detachment so that they aren’t in constant control our lives and our attention. We realize what’s important in life. We realize the limitations of materialistic pursuits and gains and that they can only make us happy up to a point. Over time, we begin to act spontaneously and correctly — at the same time. Our decisions are instantaneous and are beneficial to both us and the rest of the world. We do not waver in our thinking — we know what the right solution is and simply act on it.

The only real way to progress to subtler states in our spirituality journey is to strengthen the connection of our inner Kundalini energy to the all-pervading power. This happens as our central energy channel becomes wider and wider, allowing more strands of energy to rise and connect with the all-pervading power. This, in turn, happens only when we meditate more frequently and experience higher quality meditation — better and deeper thoughtless awareness.

All of the above — and higher spiritual evolution, in general — carries us toward the Doubtless Awareness or the Nirvikalpa stage.

But as a practical matter, doubtless awareness cannot have a precise definition or fit a precise list of criteria, as the experience varies for each of us. It is not a predefined journey; nor can we define attributes relating to its ongoing sustenance, length of time to achieve, and every possible dimension that the experience entails. In fact, attempting to do so goes against the paradigm of subtlety that lies at the very heart of doubtless awareness. It is state that can only be felt or experienced when we are there.

Exactly in the way that we can never fully describe how it feels to stand on the peak of the mountain before reaching it, we can only know how doubtless awareness feels once we’ve achieved it — it, too, is a singular and unique experience.

You’ll recognize it, with no doubt, once you experience it in your own, individual spiritual journey. And you’ll have to find your own way up to that peak largely by yourself through the power of your Inner Self, which is being nourished by your Self-Realization and continued meditation.