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Meditation – far beyond relaxation

While spirituality is Sahaja meditation’s forte and sweet spot, and we often talk about it a lot, Sahaja meditation’s benefits go far beyond mere stress relief or relaxation. Also, for many, meditation might be some vague technique to find peace and calm. Not for those who practice Sahaja. Today, we’d like to be very specific about what Sahaja meditation can do beyond mere relaxation.

by Sahaja Online

The most important success factor behind meditation

Our attention is the vehicle of our consciousness. It represents and manifests the states of our consciousness. These states include the states of deep sleep, waking, regular existence, and the higher state of consciousness that we reach during Sahaja meditation. In that higher state, we perceive the spiritual realm of the universe by connecting our spiritual being to the all-pervading energy of the universe. 

Most other forms of meditation result in benefits, with the attention being in the lower and regular state of consciousness. Sahaja distinguishes itself by lifting our attention to the higher spiritual realm, also referred to as the Collective UnConscious by renowned psychologists like Carl Jung.

This makes monitoring and managing our attention the most important aspect of our meditation practice. And this is not just during each meditation session but the entire time that we’re awake. Focusing on our attention and controlling it is vital for a meditator; even though in Sahaja, a large part is done spontaneously by the power of the rising Kundalini energy.

by Sahaja Online

Meditation – The Perfect Aide to a Weight Loss Program

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 68% of Americans are overweight, and more than a third are obese. That is a lot of people who are potentially looking for solutions to lose weight and get fitter.

But, more recently and importantly, with the world being upended with Covid-19, the CDC states the following:

  • Having obesity increases the risk of severe illness from COVID-19. People who are overweight may also be at increased risk.
  • Having obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization due to a COVID-19 infection

While the myriad of solutions and options for this are mind-boggling, a successful weight loss program is a combination of multiple facets that need to be followed with discipline – optimal diet, cardiovascular and strength training and staying active.  In addition, the invisible factors in the success of such programs are subtle – they deal with motivation, accountability, and perseverance, amongst many others.

Meditation scores heavily in subtler areas along with scientifically backed research supporting its role in the primary weight loss facets or levers. It can be the central guiding force that makes a weight loss program successful.

Let’s see how.

by Sahaja Online

Swadishtana chakra – the power behind magnificent creations

Human beings are gifted with the unique ability to create things that can impact Nature and civilization. Yet, not all that we create or have created thus far is without harm. Nor are our creations in complete balance and harmony with Nature or for the betterment of the world.

Imagine a world where everything created is beautiful, inspiring, joyous to experience and highly beneficial with no undesirable residual impact on Nature. 

If the Swadisthana chakra of every person in this world were completely balanced, this would exactly be the outcome. Let’s examine the unique and practical aspects of the power behind this chakra and how to use it in our lives.

by Sahaja Online

Establishing a failure-proof meditation schedule

Our last article described how Sahaja meditation and its wide-ranging benefits go far beyond those provided by mere relaxation meditation. Sahaja is a holistic way of enriching your life in every dimension. But it all comes with hard work and persistence until you can achieve a “failure-proof” meditation routine in your life. Having a failure-proof routine means that you’re set for life and don’t have to worry about having the discipline to get to your meditation schedule and sessions ever.

Here’s how to do this.

by Sahaja Online