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Is Meditation a Priority for You?

For many, meditation just doesn’t seem to be an immediate priority. They figure they’ll get to it at some point in their lives. More commonly, many think they should probably wait and explore meditation at a point when they’re less “active.” For some reason, meditation is wrongly associated with being physically inactive, or viewed as an activity you do when you have nothing else important to do. Meditation is sometimes viewed as a classic “postpone for retirement” candidate.


Others view meditation as a practice that must be borne out of necessity — to solve a particular problem or health concern. If they’re already successful, generally content and have what they want, or at least most of it — money, success, fame, peace of mind — meditation seems “unnecessary.”


And finally, for those of us who are already meditators, we pass through periods in life where many other things become priority and meditation takes a back seat, sometimes too frequently. Sure we’re meditators, but not all that regular.


Should meditation be a priority in our lives, if so, why and how?


by Shankar Ramani

Meditation trucks are here…but you don’t need them.

With meditation becoming a serious commercial affair, everyone these days is out to find the newest and fanciest ways to get people to meditate. The latest innovation seems to be having meditation trucks going around where people can sit down and meditate.


Quite an interesting idea. In fact, we love anything that makes people take to meditation. But aside from the commercial aspect that is obvious, is the food truck concept extended to meditation really necessary?

by Sahaja Online

Short of time? Here’s how to meditate

We all face this problem almost always – we either have no time at all or very little of it. And for some strange reason, it’s always our self-improvement activities that end taking the brunt of the “lack of time” problem. Like meditation or a gym workout for example.


Yet you feel like you want to meditate or at least that you should’ve done a better job of making time to meditate. You see, it’s also that self-improvement bug in us – we got here and decided to try something like Sahaja because of its great potential and promise to transform.


Here’s what we can do.

by Sahaja Online

Is Meditation Boring?

Meditation requires us to sit still for 20 minutes or so doing and thinking nothing. Hitting the pause button, sitting perfectly still, with no thought or action, it seems, is not for everybody.


Some people say they find meditation boring, or at least they sometimes find it boring, such as when they feel they’ve got something “better” to do, perhaps are itching to engage in an activity that’s more “exciting.” Meditation may seem to be a spoilsport… why waste time sitting and doing nothing when you could be doing this eagerly anticipated activity?

by Shankar Ramani

Are Our Brains Hardwired to Be Spiritual or Non-Spiritual?

In an effort to determine whether science can shed light on why some people are spiritually inclined and some are not, some researchers have sought evidence to determine whether the tendency to either embrace or reject spirituality is influenced by — or even caused by — an individual’s genetics or idiosyncrasies in brain structures.


by Sahaja Online