2020 has been a huge wake-up call for our society globally. Amongst so many problems and issues that have risen to global attention, some of the most important ones are health risks due to the pandemic, racial inequality and climate change. It’s sufficient to say that the need and the rise of social consciousness has gone through the roof this year. The underlying common theme that has been quietly establishing itself in our societies is to create a better, safer world for ourselves and future generations by trying to address these problems with seriousness.

Solutions to problems require resources – effort, organizing and most importantly, money. The private sector’s contribution to the economy in developed countries averages to more than 85% as a percentage of each country’s gross domestic product or GDP. For developing countries, it is 70% or higher.

Clearly, the households and individuals, corporations, small businesses, charities and many others that belong to the private sector have an outsized impact with respect to their ability to influence and solve social issues. 

What if the above people became significantly motivated and focused on the issues affecting our society? In other words, what if their social consciousness was increased dramatically? It would definitely cause our society to make big moves forward.

But how can this awareness be instilled in them? Turns out that meditation and especially the ones like Sahaja meditation can play a big role.