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Meditation Coaches

Sahaja Online meditation coaches

Upon registering with Sahaja Online, our coaches are available to answer your questions by email or phone. You’ll need to place a request for a coach to help you through our Contact Page.  Our coaches can do a check-in with you to see how you’re progressing and offer tips to help you stay on track.  Our coaches provide email and phone support to registered practitioners. Our coaches are all also seasoned Sahaja practitioners who can guide you based on their own experience. If your question happens to be very specific to a situation they’ve not experienced, they’ll find the answers for you within the Sahaja meditation practitioner community.



Keeping to your meditation routine

Beyond answering your questions, our coaches are experienced Sahaja practitioners themselves and can provide you necessary motivation to stay on track with your meditation routine. Our coaches can be particularly useful when you run into the demands of hectic work schedules or challenging personal life situations. Our coaches can help keep you on track when meditation threatens to disappear from your daily routine all too easily.

Customizing your learning and practice of Sahaja meditation

Based on your goals, your coach can help put together a customized meditation schedule and set of techniques just for you. Although Sahaja meditation does not focus on curing medical conditions or providing any medical advice, your coach can also recommend special techniques and make some suggestions in case you have any specific health issues.

Special online sessions

Your coach can arrange for special online sessions for your group, whether they be experienced practitioners or first timers. We’re also happy to organize in-person Sahaja programs at your venue if you have a larger audience.