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Take the Guided Energy System Tour

New to subtle energy? Explore the subtle energy system in its entirety in a presentation optimized for a thorough understanding.

What is this energy, and where does it come from?

An introduction to the subtle energy system and how it comes to exist in us. The “history” of the Kundalini energy, why it is accessible to everyone, and how it’s actualized in modern Sahaja meditation practice.

What proof is there that this energy exists?

Can science prove the existence of the subtle energy system? How do we know that this energy is flowing through us?

How does the subtle energy system work?

Explore the components of the subtle energy system — the 3 energy channels and the 7 primary chakras — and learn how they work in synchronicity.

How does the energy system impact human physiology?

An overview of how the ancient subtle energy system correlates with human physiological systems and influences them to improve health and well-being.

How is the energy awakened, and how does it rise?

Explore what happens when the energy is awakened and rises within us and what that means in practical terms each step of the way.

What’s meditation got to do with energy flow and balance?

An overview of the state of thoughtless awareness and how it influences the flow of energy.