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Character and Personality

The Spiritual Origins of Character and Personality Traits

The Gunas: Tendencies — Past, Present & Future Read

The Path to Spiritual Advancement and Mastery of Tendencies

Part 2: The 7 Chakras: The Foundations of Spiritual Qualities

The Link Between Self-Realization and Personality Development

Creation of the 7 Chakras and Their Essential Qualities

How the Great Spiritual Masters Helped Evolve the Subtle Energy System

The Final Breakthrough: Access to the Collective Unconscious Through Sahasrara

Part 3: The 4 Primary Realms of Consciousness

Problems Associated with Uncontrolled Attention

Part 4: How Personality Is Established and Improved Through Sahaja

Part 5: The Practitioner’s Journey of Personality Development Through Sahaja

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