Sahaja meditation acts on your inner spiritual energy and an intricate system of energy channels and centers. This inner spiritual energy is known as Kundalini energy.

What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy is a vital, living energy that lies dormant in the sacrum bone and can be awakened through meditation. Kundalini is our primordial energy, the source of all energy. We are born with it and it can’t be destroyed or lost.

Is Kundalini Energy relevant?

Noted Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, became interested in Kundalini as a way of better understanding the movement between conscious and unconscious processes. So powerful once awakened, Jung actually began to attribute patient’s symptomatology to much more than the effects of a particular disease, but rather a meaningful, symbolic process. Jung said, “The concept of Kundalini has for us only one use, that is, to describe our own experiences with the unconscious.”

Today, medical practitioners around the world are beginning to introduce facets of Kundalini yoga and meditation into their clinical practices.

What is the meaning of the word Kundalini?

The word Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means “coiled one.” Kundalini thus refers to the coil of energy at the base of your spine that rises through a series of centers, or chakras, once awakened. In addition, the word Sahaja means “born with.” We are all born with this coil of energy deep within our bodies.

Where does Kundalini Energy come from?

Kundalini Energy enters your brain when you are still inside your mother’s womb. This energy then passes through your entire body, creating an entire system of energy throughout your central nervous system. This energy system will impact your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing for the rest of your life.

How can we awaken Kundalini Energy?

While we can’t lose Kundalini energy, it isn’t of much use to us until it is awakened, lying dormant and waiting. The techniques of Sahaja meditation have the capacity to awaken this energy. Even with just one introductory session, meditators can awaken Kundalini energy as they open the energy centers, allowing the energy to travel upward through the body’s central channel. When this happens, a connection is made between your own, inner self and the cosmic energy of the entire universe.

How will this activated Kundalini Energy change me?

When Kundalini energy is awakened within you, this once dormant energy is activated and will likely improve every aspect of your life. With this energy awakening, Kundalini energy passes through the energy centers in your body, leading you to thoughtless awareness, a state that has been referred to as the discovery of the ultimate truth.