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Planning your success for the next decade – Part 2

We’re into a new decade now. In our last article, we made a case for how spirituality and good health are ultimately the two most important aspects in our lives.

Every other goal, dream, accomplishment or ambition falls in line automatically and has a higher chance of being realized once we become spiritual.

What if we all spend this new decade prioritizing these two aspects?

What would it feel like to establish your spiritual life and how might this journey look like?


by Shankar Ramani

Planning your success for the next decade – Part 1

The 2020s are coming soon upon us. We wish everyone a successful entry into a new decade. 


But let’s take a step back to introspect.


Where were we in our lives at the start of the last decade, the 2010s?


What was the quality of our life then, and how is it now?


What are the good things and not so good things that transpired in the past decade?


Another ten years hence, we will all be in a different stage in our lives and ten years older. The years we have left and the time available for accomplishments are all ticking clocks. Unstoppable and decreasing all the time.


What should be our priorities for the next decade so that we can reflect again in 10 years and ensure that our life is fulfilling and successful?

by Shankar Ramani

Have You Found Your Purpose in Life?

Many of us try hard in life to achieve many things. We desire for things we don’t yet have, destinations we’ve not been to, or play roles and do activities we’ve not done before.


Uncannily, almost always, only a few of these wishes aspirations are really fulfilled. The rest seem out of our reach, to a point where we begin to feel that perhaps they were not meant to be.


Is that really accurate or is it just you?

by Sahaja Online

Every Day is Mother’s Day

For Sahaja meditators, this is an absolute truth to know. Mother’s day isn’t just one day in a year. Every Day is Mother’s Day.


Sahaja meditation works by elevating our consciousness to a new, higher state – a realm we can only reach by the power of mother-like feminine energy inside us – the Kundalini energy.

by Shankar Ramani

The built-in Instrument to Reach God – It’s not a Helmet

The journey of spirituality can sometimes be humorous and even comical. History is replete with all sorts of attempts by human beings to search for the ultimate and seek what might be beyond science.


For centuries, people used to go into some cave in the Himalayas, hoping to find God or the higher power there. Many used to freeze to death and others hung themselves upside down from trees, hoping to find something.


These days, the attitude towards finding God and spirituality remains the same but has likely gotten more sophisticated.


The God Helmet, laughable as it sounds, is one such experiment.

by Sahaja Online