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Sahaja is a simple, unique meditation experience magnified by the collective energy of thousands of meditators world-wide.

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Sahaja Online is a one-of-a-kind, one-stop resource that offers online meditation and a wealth of tips and perspectives.
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You’ll learn a lot from the perspectives that our expert Sahaja practitioners share with you.
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Sahaja meditation distills the secrets of the ancient Eastern yogis into a simple, scientifically-proven practice. With Sahaja, you can experience dozens of immediate and long-term rewards that primarily fall into 3 categories…

  • Promotes health and well-being
  • Improves character and personality
  • Helps you achieve self-transcendence or fulfillment of a higher purpose in life

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Sahaja offers online guided meditation and offline DIY meditation.

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Most Sahaja benefits are scientifically measurable. Here at Sahaja Online, you’ll find the largest online storehouse of scientific evidence supporting the clinically-proven effects of Sahaja, including:

  • Healing and emotional, mental and physical health and well-being
  • Psychological benefits such as improved self-esteem, self-awareness, mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • Cognitive improvement such as focus, productivity, decision-making, creativity and more

Sahaja Benefits

Sahaja is for everyone

Sahaja welcomes people of all ages, faiths and nationalities. Our classes are always free and available for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced meditators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the practice, benefits and what to expect

Who we are and What we do

What is Sahaja meditation?

It’s an inner-energy-based meditation technique that allows you to explore the depths of your inner self. Learn more…

What is Sahaja Online?

Sahaja Online provides complete internet-based access to live and do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) Sahaja meditation. It is also the largest free online resource related to Sahaja meditation, including free meditation coaches, scientific research,free meditation videos, downloadable guides and more.

Why is Sahaja meditation free?

Our founder, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi created Sahaja meditation to be completely free to the public because she felt something as precious as an individual’s spiritual ascent can never be equated to money. Our mission is to propagate peace and positivity throughout the world by helping people change within themselves.

What is the difference between live and D.I.Y. Sahaja meditation?

You can practice live or D.I.Y. Sahaja meditation from home, work or while traveling. The difference is that live sessions require an internet connection and D.I.Y. sessions can be done ‘offline’ by yourself.

Can Sahaja conduct a live meditation program at my organization, work location or nearby venue?

How is Sahaja different from other forms of meditation?

Sahaja meditation is for regular people just like you - not just mystics and monks. Without yoga mats, stretching, or spa music, Sahaja is much more than your average relaxation technique. Practiced by people of all ages and walks of life, Sahaja is a deep, self-improvement journey that can also take you to the depths of spirituality, if you're seeking higher purpose in life. Beyond concentration techniques and mental exercises, Sahaja taps into an innate subtle energy inside you, granting you the state of meditation at an elevated level of consciousness of thoughtless awareness. Sahaja isn't new. Backed by credible scientific research, Sahaja has been practiced in over 90 countries for nearly 5 decades. Sahaja can provide relief for a number of problems including stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD and insomnia. At the same time, it distills the teachings of ancient saints and spiritual scriptures into a practice that helps you actualize them to improve your life and personality in a practical manner. Though Sahaja's origins are from the East, it's knowledge, philosophy and techniques are universal in nature. We have instructors and practitioners of various backgrounds and ethnicity. Sahaja is unique in its ability to offer meditation, self-improvement and spirituality completely free of charge to the public.

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When Is Stress Dangerous?

Just about everyone is talking about stress today. The term has become a buzzword, and you may even feel like people are competing over who is busier and who is more stressed out. Truthfully, we have all personally experienced stress at one time or another – or maybe even daily. With all kinds of life pressures, it’s almost impossible not to. But, at what point is it something to look at deeper? At what point is stress dangerous?

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How is Sahaja Meditation Personal?

Sahaja meditation is different from many other forms of meditation available today. Sahaja meditation – and its benefits – go well beyond stress relief and relaxation. There are benefits on multiple dimensions: spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional. Let’s take a look at what makes Sahaja so different.

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Are Selfies Decreasing Your Self-Esteem?

Most of us probably don’t give much thought to how the selfies we post on social network sites like Facebook affect the people who may view them, but it turns out we may not be doing any favors for viewers who are feeling lonely, unpopular, or unsatisfied with their lives.

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Can Plants Be Altruistic?

At Sahaja Online, we are always high on Higher Purpose, Self-Transcendence, Altruism and similar aspects.


Social behavior, kin recognition, and altruism are well-established throughout the animal kingdom. The ability to recognize kin is an important element in social behavior that can lead to the evolution of altruism.


But are plants capable of recognizing their relatives and acting altruistically like humans are?

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My Top 7 Excuses for Not Meditating

With any worthy endeavor, consistency is key. While it’s easy to get started, obstacles will undoubtedly come our way. Sometimes, it can feel like these obstacles are determined to see us fail. And without consistent defense, obstacles can outsmart us, especially when we grow complacent. It’s human nature. Whenever we strive to grow into a higher state – whether on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual dimension – obstacles are bound to get in the way.

Meditation – and Sahaja meditation in particular – can be likened to a type of workout routine. Just like a fitness regimen, meditation requires working your routine daily for best results, including some collective meditation, too. Meditation isn’t immune and is susceptible to the same dissenting inner voice and subtle negative scripts that discourage any kind of healthy routine.

Here are 7 of the top excuses I hear from my lazy and complacent inner voice.


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The First Experience of Sahaja Meditation: Hear from Practitioners

Just like experienced practitioners, your first experience with Sahaja meditation will be uniquely your own. Some practitioners describe an immediate, noticeable experience while others describe a more gradual discovery of energy and vibration. Whether it happens in your first session, or further into your journey, your experience of Sahaja meditation can be a powerful one.


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