You may wonder why Sahaja Online offers guided meditation sessions that include hundreds of participants at the same time, and the answer lies in the concept of the collective unconscious. In the West, the noted psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote a lot about it. In essence, he contended that by virtue of being human beings, we all have access to the shared memories of the species.

There was an interesting experiment conducted that is often cited as proof of the validity of the concept of the collective unconscious. Lawrence Blair published a book called Rhythms of Vision back in 1975, and Lyall Watson, who is a South African scientist and author, wrote the foreword to the book. In his piece, he recounted the story of a study that was conducted by researchers on a remote island in Japan during the early portion of the 1950s.

The scientists that conducted the study observed the behavior of the macaque monkeys that populated the island. A few of them started to wash sweet potatoes, which was a new behavior for the species. New generations of simians on this particular island adopted the behavior because they observed it in others.

However, at some point, a critical mass was reached with regard to the numbers of monkeys on the island that engaged in the new behavior. At that point, the activity was instinctual for members of the species all over the planet. This is called the “100th Monkey” effect, and it has been suggested that human beings can also access information across time and space in this manner.

Getting back to our guided meditation, when many people are sitting at the same time, the path to the collective unconscious becomes far easier to reach. A unified field develops across time and space, and the benefits of the guided meditation are greatly amplified by the power of the collective. Immediate gains are realized by practitioners, and the wisdom of the ages can to be imparted through the collective unconscious without any linear, ego-based sequential learning.

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