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The Nabhi chakra: evolutionary excellence

The purpose of our lives is to evolve to better states of spiritual existence. But what does this really mean?

Fortunately, Sahaja teachings make this crystal clear and provide a definitive path and approach for spiritual self-improvement. The short answer is that we’re supposed to improve our personality traits, gradually but surely, compared to an absolute scale of moral and ethical values. And these values have been carried in spiritual teachings and scriptures from very ancient times. In fact, they are consistent across civilizations and their spiritual texts and literature. The ten commandments are an excellent example of such values. 

More importantly, these values and this code of conduct are coded in our subtle energy system. In simple terms, we can become better people by overcoming all our weaknesses and imperfections within us till we become nearly perfect in our personality and character. 

The spiritual journey that we follow is also interesting. At the most basic level, we seek food, water, shelter, and security; then we progressively climb to higher forms of seeking behavior, such as quests for wealth, affluence and power. Ultimately, we pursue the higher, subtler aspects of existence: self-actualization, self-realization and spiritual truth. And through these subtler phenomenons, we can improve our subtler inner self and get it to dominate our behavior, in other words, control our mind, ego and body. We also develop a superior intellect that can see the higher truth.

The drive, energy and power to evolve in this manner is placed within the Nabhi chakra. It is the force in us that pushes us continuously to seek the ultimate.

by Sahaja Online

Mooladhara chakra – the rudder and basis of our lives

Many people view the chakras as a mystical component, something fascinating or fanciful that they want to pursue in their lives. For others, it is a conversation starter and even a venture into some elite spiritual journey and experience. The most annoying aspect can be the superficiality around the chakras’ knowledge and how people carelessly toss around the words and concepts.

But the bottom line is this – every component of our subtle energy system is central to our day-to-day functioning, health and well-being. Several oddities, imbalances and problems in our lives result when they aren’t working correctly. In our series on illuminating every chakra’s practical aspect, we provide day-to-day scenarios that we deal with, that are related to it. We discuss practical ways to overcome some of our important challenges about the particular chakra or channel.

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Everything You Need to Know about Daily Meditation

Establishing a daily meditation practice is the most important aspect of the journey of self-improvement for any practitioner.  In this article, we share everything you need to know about your daily Sahaja meditation practice.

by Shankar Ramani

Spirituality 101

Many of us have had – at the very least – some experience with the concept of spirituality. Some of us had very religious upbringings while others of us were left to discover our own way. Because of our histories, some of us have positive experiences with spirituality with fond memories of connection with our higher power. Unfortunately, others of us have negative experiences, associating spirituality with guilt, shame, and rigorous, unattainable standards. The weight can feel heavy, and the idea of having a real relationship with our higher power may feel impossible. Maybe you’ve found a mixture of both positive and negative experiences of spirituality.

by Shankar Ramani

All about Chakras and Meditation

By now, you’ve likely heard of the Kundalini energy and chakras. At Sahaja, we try to demystify these concepts as much as we can and explain how these things correlate with aspects of your life. Truthfully, meditation doesn’t have to be mystical or separate from real, normal living. Real meditation is actually quite the opposite, tightly integrated into practitioners’ everyday lives.


Our chakras are a system of inner energy centers at the core of our being and are at work each day. To give you an example, when we overeat, our Nabhi chakra becomes imbalanced. On a deeper level, when we strengthen our heart chakra, we get rid of our fears and insecurity.


Here is everything you need to know about the chakras in simple terms.

by Shankar Ramani