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Establishing a failure-proof meditation schedule

Our last article described how Sahaja meditation and its wide-ranging benefits go far beyond those provided by mere relaxation meditation. Sahaja is a holistic way of enriching your life in every dimension. But it all comes with hard work and persistence until you can achieve a “failure-proof” meditation routine in your life. Having a failure-proof routine means that you’re set for life and don’t have to worry about having the discipline to get to your meditation schedule and sessions ever.

Here’s how to do this.

by Sahaja Online

How to turn social distancing into a benefit

One of the most used phrases in 2020 was “social distancing”. Not only did it become popular, but it brought upon the world’s population quite a bit of misery.

With newer mutations of the virus and many months to go before any significant part of the population can be vaccinated, social distancing continues to be part of our lives in varying degrees. We yearn to go back to our pre-pandemic lives, where we never had to think about getting together with people or attending an event of any size. 

Also, pandemic fatigue is setting in. Most people are getting to a point where it doesn’t seem worthwhile to make such a big sacrifice to their lives’ quality just to prevent getting infected by the virus.

But can there be a silver lining to the forced distancing and significantly less active social life? Are there ways in which we can convert this problem into an opportunity for ourselves? What if our lives could be made richer during this time?

Let’s see how.

by Sahaja Online

How Holiday Shopping and Spiritual Growth are Related

Shopping is central to our lives and more so for those of us who live in urban and suburban areas. A lot of it is driven by need by these days, much more than that – it can become a way to cope in times like these when our social lives are restricted. Recent research shows some interesting trends.  According to a marketing recent survey,  most consumers will be shopping using their computers and more than half of those surveyed indicated that they will be shopping more on Amazon.

However, with the amount of shopping on a rise, one thing we do not do is to try and understand what shopping can do to our spiritual ascent. Most people think that excessive shopping is a sign of being a shopaholic or indulging in material pursuits. But it’s much beyond that.

by Shankar Ramani

Meditation should be more than just a New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!

After a brutal 2020 that saw life-changing impacts to so many across the world, it’s time to look forward to a strong and positive 2021.

It’s that time of the year again when we’re looking back on things we missed doing, failed attempts as well as new habits we want to include in our lives. After what’s happened in 2020, the wide-ranging health benefits of Sahaja meditation alone must be reason enough to start practicing or go deeper into this year.

Most people who have something to sell will first try to exploit the New Year Resolution urge in you to lead you to a habit that ultimately results in buying something from them.

At Sahaja, because there’s never anything to buy or sell, we’re going to do the opposite. We’re telling you why something like trying to meditate shouldn’t be just another New Year resolution. That’s despite so many people who try to tell you to make a New Year Resolution to learn to meditate.

by Shankar Ramani

Racism is anti-spiritual

As the protests spread across America, our sympathies and concerns go out to everyone whose feelings have been hurt by racism in any form or activity. Sahaja values, teachings, values and practitioners have always firmly opposed racism and, in fact, all such “isms” as being anti-spiritual. 

And that is not merely a point of view or stance. It is about embracing the simple truth that nature has for us. Realizing one’s spiritual self is the awareness of a higher reality, one that transcends race, faiths, cultures and beliefs. It is universal and a connection at the highest level of human consciousness. 

Today we examine how the pursuit of spirituality can make us fully aware of problems in our society and also offers a way to solve the issues engulfing us.

by Sahaja Online