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What does a spiritual mid-life crisis feel like?

A mid-life crisis is a common phrase in Western countries that describes a period of confusion and insecurity when faced with difficult choices and questions in life. The path they take from here on could make or break their lives and, more importantly, achieving purpose and fulfillment. But not everyone has a mid-life crisis, nor is it very common as a concept in Eastern cultures.

A situation like a mid-life crisis can be a good thing. It can trigger some deep introspection within us about the direction of our lives and take actions to make the best of our remaining active and healthy years.

But for it to be meaningful, the level of questions we ask ourselves must be related to a higher purpose and not about mundane aspirations or ambitions. Nor should it be about just our own lives or those of our close family members. It should be about something that leaves a mark and impact on the world.

What might a mid-life crisis look like for a spiritual person? We throw some light on the types of questions and answers that matter.

by Sahaja Online

Meditation helps build family relationships

Sahaja meditation allows you to harness your inner energy’s healing power to boost your mental and physical resilience and improve the personal qualities that foster deeper bonds with loved ones. You’ll be better equipped to cope with whatever challenges come your way. We all make relationship mistakes from time to time, but meditation will help you stay focused on the present, rather than ruminating about past mistakes you may have made or worrying about what the future holds for your family. 

by Sahaja Online

How Meditation Improves Self-Esteem

Our happiness and emotional stability are dependent on our ability to love ourselves. This self-love is called self-esteem. Self-esteem works on us in subtle ways, dictating our choices, shaping our worldview. It lies at the heart of many of our problems in life, but because we may not be fully aware of our implicit self-evaluations, we may not realize that the root cause of a problem is how we feel about ourselves at the deepest level.

Unfortunately, self-esteem is often presented as some nebulous, magical quality that some people simply have and others don’t, or as a quality that we can improve by losing weight or buying a new wardrobe. But self-esteem is more complicated than that.

The more interesting and relevant fact is that meditation can help improve Self-esteem.

by Sahaja Online

The Nabhi chakra: evolutionary excellence

The purpose of our lives is to evolve to better states of spiritual existence. But what does this really mean?

Fortunately, Sahaja teachings make this crystal clear and provide a definitive path and approach for spiritual self-improvement. The short answer is that we’re supposed to improve our personality traits, gradually but surely, compared to an absolute scale of moral and ethical values. And these values have been carried in spiritual teachings and scriptures from very ancient times. In fact, they are consistent across civilizations and their spiritual texts and literature. The ten commandments are an excellent example of such values. 

More importantly, these values and this code of conduct are coded in our subtle energy system. In simple terms, we can become better people by overcoming all our weaknesses and imperfections within us till we become nearly perfect in our personality and character. 

The spiritual journey that we follow is also interesting. At the most basic level, we seek food, water, shelter, and security; then we progressively climb to higher forms of seeking behavior, such as quests for wealth, affluence and power. Ultimately, we pursue the higher, subtler aspects of existence: self-actualization, self-realization and spiritual truth. And through these subtler phenomenons, we can improve our subtler inner self and get it to dominate our behavior, in other words, control our mind, ego and body. We also develop a superior intellect that can see the higher truth.

The drive, energy and power to evolve in this manner is placed within the Nabhi chakra. It is the force in us that pushes us continuously to seek the ultimate.

by Sahaja Online

Establishing a failure-proof meditation schedule

Our last article described how Sahaja meditation and its wide-ranging benefits go far beyond those provided by mere relaxation meditation. Sahaja is a holistic way of enriching your life in every dimension. But it all comes with hard work and persistence until you can achieve a “failure-proof” meditation routine in your life. Having a failure-proof routine means that you’re set for life and don’t have to worry about having the discipline to get to your meditation schedule and sessions ever.

Here’s how to do this.

by Sahaja Online