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Swadishtana chakra – the power behind magnificent creations

Human beings are gifted with the unique ability to create things that can impact Nature and civilization. Yet, not all that we create or have created thus far is without harm. Nor are our creations in complete balance and harmony with Nature or for the betterment of the world.

Imagine a world where everything created is beautiful, inspiring, joyous to experience and highly beneficial with no undesirable residual impact on Nature. 

If the Swadisthana chakra of every person in this world were completely balanced, this would exactly be the outcome. Let’s examine the unique and practical aspects of the power behind this chakra and how to use it in our lives.

by Sahaja Online

How to be in Seventh Heaven

The dictionary describes the Seventh Heaven as a state of intense happiness and extreme joy. That is, of course, if one were to exclude the religious definitions for that phrase. Yet, whether religion or the casual use of the phrase, human beings have never had a tangible and realistic way of realizing such a state and actually experiencing it in their lives.

You can definitely achieve this in Sahaja and live it fully. It is real, practical and well within reach if you are willing to focus and work hard. The results are, of course, well worth it.

Here’s how you can experience that state, or better still, spend a more substantial part of your conscious life being in that state. Here’s also why it can be elusive in today’s world of distractions and a tremendous downward force pulling us down and away from that blissful state.

by Shankar Ramani

Racism is anti-spiritual

As the protests spread across America, our sympathies and concerns go out to everyone whose feelings have been hurt by racism in any form or activity. Sahaja values, teachings, values and practitioners have always firmly opposed racism and, in fact, all such “isms” as being anti-spiritual. 

And that is not merely a point of view or stance. It is about embracing the simple truth that nature has for us. Realizing one’s spiritual self is the awareness of a higher reality, one that transcends race, faiths, cultures and beliefs. It is universal and a connection at the highest level of human consciousness. 

Today we examine how the pursuit of spirituality can make us fully aware of problems in our society and also offers a way to solve the issues engulfing us.

by Sahaja Online

The best-kept secret in town for 50 years

May 5th marks the completion of 50 successful years for Sahaja. That’s right, while many a mystical and mythical form of yoga and meditation have come and gone, we have stood rock solid, teaching spirituality and meditation to thousands in more than 120 countries across the world.

And our philosophy, teachings, mission and purpose have not changed one bit. We are about introducing the highest form of spiritual meditation that anyone can ever aspire for, and changing people’s lives in that process. Inspired by our Founder, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who hailed from India, thousands of practitioners have dedicated their lives to making Sahaja a lifestyle and to make the world a better place by giving this gift to as many people as they can.

But what does all this mean for you, as a practitioner?

by Sahaja Online

10 lessons that the world is learning now

As the coronavirus devastates the world with severe health and economic impacts, the deaths, unemployment and difficulties being faced are terrible.


Yet, if we take a step back and introspect, the world is learning some lessons even as we struggle to cope and get over the crisis. And heeding these warning signals may be good for us once the crisis is over. We’re likely to move to a new world where things are changed.



by Shankar Ramani