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The 10 defining tenets of Spirituality

As we’ve always maintained, one of the biggest obstacles the world has is to understand the real meaning of Spirituality and not confuse it with related concepts like religion or other philosophies.


Spirituality is important because our meditation is centered around discovering your inner self through an inner subtle instrument within us. This means that meditation and spirituality are part of the same concept and truth and inseparable.


by Sahaja Online

The magical meditation technique that can transform you

Over my two decades of practice of meditation, if there’s one technique or strategy I can single out as the most effective, it’s this one. It comes highly recommended by those practitioners who like to go very deep into the practice and discover new levels inside them and abilities they did not know existed.


Personally, I’ve used it to make radical changes in my life when I felt the need. Equally well, when I was hitting a low in my spiritual journey, this is the technique that helps most by being a wake-up call and quickly getting me back to balance.


by Shankar Ramani

How to focus on Spiritual Evolution

Intellectual and spiritual evolution are not the same


How does one measure spiritual evolution? If someone asked you “How spiritually evolved are you?”, what will your answer be? And how do you justify your answer?


Tough questions, hardly any doubt. More than that, these are very subtle and very much subject to an individual’s interpretation of their his or her goal in life and also interests and passion.


Those who think they are spiritually evolved and mature can very easily fall into the trap of confusing spiritual evolution with intellectual evolution. The latter is straightforward. Human civilization has made amazing advances in every area, especially in the last 100 years. Our lives and living standards have been transformed compared to our ancestors. It feels like technology modernization is running away from us, so fast that we cannot even catch up.


In many ways, the collective worldview is also a lot more mature. For the most part, people agree on many fundamental tenets without any dispute or disagreements – for instance, racism is not a good thing. Nor is sexual harassment. Peace and negotiations are always better than any kind of war. Basic human rights and freedom of speech should not be denied to anyone.


A few centuries ago, or even a few decades ago, all these weren’t a given. We were still trying to find a mature and acceptable view of these topics.


But could one say that we have spiritually evolved and are much better off than we were decades or centuries ago?


Unfortunately, the answer is no. In fact, the bad news is that we may even be worse off than we were decades or centuries ago. Why is it so?


by Shankar Ramani

Every day is Mother’s day

For Sahaja meditators, this is an absolute truth to know. Mother’s day isn’t just one day in a year. It’s every day.


Sahaja meditation works by elevating our consciousness to a new, higher state – a realm we can only reach by the power of a mother-like feminine energy inside us – the Kundalini energy.


by Shankar Ramani

Enjoying life with what you have

The lives of meditators and those who pursue spirituality are special. While on one hand, they feel lucky and even privileged to have found the right direction and purpose in their lives, their relationship with the material world and materialistic pursuits can be very different from normal people.


What if we told you that there’s a way that meditation can keep you happy in life irrespective of what you have?

by Shankar Ramani