New to the concept of subtle energy, or want to know more? Today, we’re taking a moment to briefly explore the Kundalini energy and how it is actualized in the practice of Sahaja meditation.

What is Kundalini energy?

If you’ve been reading through info on Sahaja, it’s likely you’ve stumbled upon the concept of the subtle energy, also referred to as Kundalini energy.

Kundalini energy is the source of all energy. And inside of every one of us is a subtle energy system that nurtures and protects our minds, bodies, and souls. We are born with this inner energy that lies dormant until we take conscious steps to awaken it. Interestingly, the word Sahaja literally means “born with.” The energy is already there inside of you.

This primordial energy is pure, perfect and indestructible. Rising upwards against the force of gravity like fire, Kundalini energy follows its own laws. Like fire, Kundalini energy also purifies, consumes and cleanses imperfections. If you’ve ever felt heat in your hands during meditation, what you are feeling is all that is negative leaving your body.

Where does Kundalini energy come from?

It always was and always will be. Kundalini energy, the primal energy, enters the human brain while a baby is still inside the mother’s womb. The energy then passes through the baby’s medulla oblongata where it then creates a vast, intricate system of energy channels and centers throughout the central nervous system. This system – the subtle energy system – will influence our physical, cognitive and emotional well-being for the rest of our lives. The residual Kundalini energy then settles into the sacrum bone at the base of our spine, just above the 1st chakra, where it lies dormant waiting to be awakened.

What happens if Kundalini energy is not awakened?

Sadly, many people go their entire lives without awakening their inner energy. It’s all too easy for life to get in the way. As we grow older, our attentions are more and more distracted away from our inner self. Without awareness, we become engrossed in the mundane, external aspects of our lives. We get further away from our own inner Kundalini energy, and it lies dormant. Yet, life circumstances and exploration can lead us to a place where we become curious about awakening this inner energy, which is a wonderful, exciting place to begin.

Meaning, if you’re reading this right now, welcome!

Is awakening the Kundalini energy safe?

Yes, when done the right way. Sahaja is one of the few organizations to have a zero accident track record with this. Yes, it’s true, you won’t hear of anyone having any problems with their Kundalini awakened the Sahaja way. That’s because we do it using the central energy channel and focus primarily on it reaching the 7th energy center.

Can you awaken it by yourself for the first time?

Only if you’re a highly evolved soul already. Since most of us cannot measure this and nearly all of us probably aren’t so evolved, the answer is that yes, you can do it yourself but in the presence of some sort of a trigger. Typically, our instructor guiding you through the process is the best and easiest trigger for you. And it works online, too – no need for an in-person guided consultation or session, unless you prefer it. And this trigger is only required for the very first time, like in our introductory programs. Thereafter you can awaken it yourself at home or anywhere. And if you find yourself not strong enough to do it, you can always come back to our online instructor led sessions.

What’s the relationship between the awakening of the Kundalini energy and meditation?

When the Kundalini energy crosses the sixth center and goes beyond, it lifts your consciousness or attention to a higher plane, where no thoughts can exist. This state, called Thoughtless Awareness, is the desired state of meditation we all strive for. If you’re doing any form of meditation without awakening the Kundalini energy, it’s likely that you’re still operating at a lower level of consciousness and using other means to reduce your thoughts.

Can anyone awaken their own Kundalini energy and practice this type of meditation?

Yes, of course. Anyone from any country, culture, faith and even age – it works even on small children. And Sahaja is a family practice.

Why Sahaja? Do I have other options?

Yes, absolutely. There are likely dozens of other options. But Sahaja is the most reliable, safe and proven approach. We’ve been around consistently for 40 years. In Sahaja, we use a practitioner and volunteer-based model of helping people awaken their Kundalini energy – there is no single teacher whom you must go to in order to get your energy awakened. Best of all, it’s completely free.

Sahaja Online is also likely the only cool option available to you – we provide this awakening over a state of the art website and online streaming interface on your devices. You won’t have to visit a cave in the Himalayas for this. The experience and effectiveness of the Kundalini awakening is no less in our sessions than it is anywhere else.

We strongly believe that Kundalini awakening is for normal people, not just for mystics and monks. All Sahaja practitioners are people in different walks of life, living and enjoying their lives like everyone else.

What proof can I get that my Kundalini energy is awakened and active?

Here too, Sahaja scores. You can tangibly verify this using the experience of a pleasant physical sensation on your hands and fingers and at the top of the head. After a while, you can feel it active inside you and feel it strongly when you meditate. It may take a while, typically, a few weeks to get the necessary level of sensitivity to be able to feel your own Kundalini energy, but it is precise and unmistakable. No fuzzy stuff. It’s very real.

What other benefits can I get because of my Kundalini energy awakening? Do I really need it?

It’s your choice really. You have complete freedom to get it awakened, but only if you want. Usually, people who get their awakening are seeking some form of Higher Purpose in life. They’re looking to explore what’s at the deepest levels of their existence. Others get to it when faced with a serious life crisis or a problem they’re looking to solve. The Kundalini is after all, very powerful. It can solve many problems in your life.

And there’s absolutely nothing you will lose will not awaken it. Except maybe the opportunity to explore something more and deeper in your life.

Does the Kundalini energy stay active after awakening? How do I ensure it stays active?

You will need to practice meditation regularly for this. Otherwise, it goes back to its dormant state with no side effects or problems. And while it’s active, it stays active throughout the day, not just when you are doing your meditation. But it’s very subtle, so you likely won’t feel it much for the rest of the day.

Can I use the Kundalini energy for healing or curing?

Yes, your own Kundalini energy is innately designed to heal you – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. But it’s best that you focus on yourself and your Kundalini energy. We don’t recommend trying to use it for anything else, like healing others. Ultimately, the focus is on the individual’s personal journey of self-improvement. Not for any other gain or purpose. If you do manage to become an expert, you can consider becoming the trigger for others to awaken their energy too, like our instructors, but that’s probably as far as we would recommend you go.

Can I try multiple types of Kundalini yoga or meditation practices at the same time?

No. We don’t recommend this. Pick one and stick with it. If you’re serious about another technique of Kundalini yoga, you’re better off not mixing it with Sahaja. This is not an additive thing where more is merrier.

How can we awaken the Kundalini energy?

Sahaja meditation is a great place to start. Take a moment to go through our Quick Start Guide. For more in-depth energy see the Kundalini energy section on our site.