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Developing Precision Meditation Skills – Part 2 of 2

In the last part of this article, we wrote about how Sahaja meditation is all about developing precision skills with your attentional control and using it for effective meditation experiences. The most interesting part of how this works in Sahaja is that it is part cognitive and part spiritual, primarily because of the elevation of our attention to a unique, higher state of consciousness.


This higher realm is entirely spiritual but not completely unknown to researchers and psychologists. Carl Jung spoke about it relatively vaguely and from a theoretical perspective, for instance, and called it the Collective UnConscious. However, Sahaja is a one of a kind practice of meditation that helps materialize and experience this higher state in a tangible manner to unleash a host of powerful benefits. And it gives us living and real proof of this higher realm in a much nuanced manner.


The first part of this article also described the steps of attention control during a meditation session. You can read about it here.


To recap,


– The power of our attention is the primary vehicle for meditation and spiritual evolution. Our states of consciousness are manifested through the power of our attention.


– In Sahaja, the attention is raised to the unique, higher spiritual realm of Collective Consciousness (the same as Jung’s Collective UnConscious). This works spontaneously by the rising of the Kundalini energy. But it also requires some level of cognitive effort and awareness when our attention drops down or is dragged back to the usual state of awareness.


– Precision meditation is about knowing exactly where our attention is and making it a witness to everything going on inside us – our thoughts, the lack of them, when they rise and fall and more importantly, the quality and duration of true thoughtless awareness or our existence in the higher state.


– Last and not the least, our ability to stay in the higher state with ease and without much effort and struggles is directly dependent on how well our Kundalini energy can rise through our Central energy channel. More precisely, how many strands or threads of it can rise and also how wide our central channel is.


That last step has a disproportionately positive impact on our meditation and our overall spiritual progress. We could continue on for years, merely scratching the surface with regard to the power of our subtle instrument, feeling tepid experiences and seeing weak results.


And so, by the above definitions, precision meditation is also knowing about scenarios in our life that enhance the spontaneous rise of the energy within us, so we can focus more on these.


Now we discuss how this important step can be enabled within us – the habits, tendencies and choices in life that help aid the spontaneous rising of the energy. Or at least, for the most part, keep its pathway for rising clear enough to get a deep meditation experience.


by Sahaja Online

Developing precision meditation skills – Part 1 of 2

Developing any kind of precision skills is exciting and fulfilling. It helps you become a master at your craft, an expert and in complete control of yourself. Fortunately, Sahaja meditation involves our incredibly intricate subtle energy system and allows us to develop such skills if we strive for it. This is not your average meditation where you simply focus and concentrate and hope for some vague outcomes. Rather it can be as precise as you want it to be and the best part is that the potential for precision is infinity.  That’s because spirituality itself is infinite (or in fact encompasses the concept of infinity itself, perhaps?).


Not only that, but it can also be highly customized to you as a person so you can use it to your advantage. In this part, we share with the inner and precise workings of your attention and how meditation actually results, so you have a thorough understanding of what goes on underneath the hood, i.e., inside your subtle energy system.


by Sahaja Online

The ultimate way to stay clear of problems

As it stands, the world around us is full of problems. Many times, so are our personal lives. Sometimes these are related to nagging health issues, at other times, we get into mental and emotional problems. In Sahaja meditation, it’s possible to trace every kind of problem we face back to the innermost being inside us – the subtle energy system.


Finding solutions to problems or trying to deal with them is what all of us do all the time. Correspondingly, there are always techniques and methods available to clear and balance our subtle energy system.

by Sahaja Online

Meditation strategies for dealing with Addiction – Part 1

A very recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in August this year provides a quantitative measure of the serious problem facing us from addiction:


  • 46% of Americans have a family member or close friend who is addicted to drugs or has been in the past;
  • Opioids account for more than 60% of drug overdose deaths;
  • Since 1999, drug overdose-related deaths have tripled in number.


We have dealt with addiction in a lot of detail on our website. Sahaja meditation works in multiple ways to help with addiction, primarily by:


  • Reducing stress and stress-induced cravings;
  • Making the practitioner more self-aware and mindful of thoughts and emotions, especially in the area of any addictions he or she might be dealing with;
  • Releasing negative thoughts and feelings through self-forgiveness that might otherwise lead to rumination;
  • Positively impacting neurotransmitters and neurohormones which regulate health and well-being;
    Increasing resilience and better coping skills by re-wiring the neural circuitry.

by Shankar Ramani

All about Chakras and Meditation

By now, you’ve likely heard of the Kundalini energy and chakras. At Sahaja, we try to demystify these concepts as much as we can and explain how these things correlate with aspects of your life. Truthfully, meditation doesn’t have to be mystical or separate from real, normal living. Real meditation is actually quite the opposite, tightly integrated into practitioners’ everyday lives.


Our chakras are a system of inner energy centers at the core of our being and are at work each day. To give you an example, when we overeat, our Nabhi chakra becomes imbalanced. On a deeper level, when we strengthen our heart chakra, we get rid of our fears and insecurity.


Here is everything you need to know about the chakras in simple terms.

by Shankar Ramani