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What is Collective Meditation?

People have been coming together to meditate or pray for centuries. Today, group meditations are becoming more and more common. Beyond the benefits of personal meditation, many meditators also enjoy the power of collective meditation, involving a group of people meditating together. During collective meditation, each person is integrated into the collective group.

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The Basics of Kundalini Energy

Sahaja meditation acts on your inner spiritual energy and an intricate system of energy channels and centers. This inner spiritual energy is known as Kundalini energy.

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How Do We Evaluate Stressors?

For many years, researchers, physicians, and other medical professionals have been aware of the effects of behavior and psychology on the immune system – and so much of the impact has to do with stress, both physical and mental. Many illnesses are triggered by stress, particularly when there is prolonged exposure to hormones related to stress. While not every illness can be directly attributed to stress, it’s certainly something to consider.

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Good Deeds Keep Stress in Check

Society tends to reward people who do good deeds, so we learn, early on, to feel good about helping others. We evolve to be social. But are we as likely to engage in “prosocial” or helping behavior when we’re stressed, pushed for time and it’s not “convenient?” Turns out, that may be when we need it most.

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