Today’s political situation rouses understandable fear and worry. In an effort to deal with these unsettling feelings, many are turning to forms of self-help for relief, including meditation. While we steer clear of political alignment or opinions here at Sahaja, we can help shed some light on this problem at a deeper level. In addition, our guided meditation sessions serve as a great starting place on your journey of self-improvement, empowering you to be a witness to drama without internalizing fear.


Many times, the root of unease is unnecessary attachment.


At Sahaja, we’ve analyzed nearly all types of problems and disorders an have an answer for why they exist and how they correlate to our subtle energy system. At the root of our unease about the political situation is anxiety, fear and perhaps an unnecessary degree of involvement or attachment to events.


Innately, we’re more easily attached to the material world around us, to the point that we find it difficult to detach from just about any event that happens. We take everything too seriously, forgetting that we have the power inside of us to detach.


We don’t detach and surrender.


Many of us do not surrender as much to the might of the all-pervading power around us that moves the universe. Thus, we’re always assuming the worst outcomes. We’re always trying to figure things out and act. When we find ourselves in a situation we cannot change, we are overcome with fear and feelings of helplessness.


It is possible to let go.


It takes some awareness, detachment and practice of meditation to let go of every single event or situation, surrender to the energy inside us and assume that things will work out.


Becoming a detached witness is empowering.


For starters, the development of the 5th energy center gives us the power from within to be the detached witness, not being overly activated or attached to daily events. That doesn’t mean we’re switched off entirely, but we’re able to see it while being removed from a situation and the outcomes. Over time, we develop confidence as a detached observer.


We can tap into the power inside us.


The essence of our lifestyle is to turn our attention inward more than, wasting less time worrying about what is around us. Inside us lies this infinite storehouse of energy, intuitive wisdom and knowledge.


The more we rely on our inner energy and wisdom, the more outside events appear insignificant.


Insecurity and fear result from a weak heart energy center. Meditation teaches us to live in the moment and focus on each day, without being afraid of the future, rather working towards making it better.


If we’re more evolved spiritually, we’re likely to be much less worried or anxious over the impact of these events on our material lives. For instance, it’s not such a big deal if there’s going to be some impact on our finances or sometimes even if it looks like we’ll have to plan to change careers.


Yet, sometimes, the changes we perceive can be traumatic, like losing healthcare for a loved one. In such situations too, meditation and long term self-improvement can come to the rescue in giving us more patience and fortitude to be able to plan and act without getting emotionally overwhelmed.

Ultimately, the ideal state we can develop is to understand, without any doubt, that the all-pervading power has a hand in everything – if something happens that we don’t like, it’s for us to learn from and rise above.


As a challenge, use each unpleasant situation as a stepping stone to a higher state.


In many cases, solutions do take shape and unfold for people who are practicing being in the higher state of consciousness regularly. We call this state, the state of Thoughtless Awareness in Sahaja. That state is unique in many ways – in granting us the ability to cope, but more importantly giving us access to the Collective Unconscious, the realm we can tap into for answers and solutions our mental faculties cannot comprehend. And certainly those that politicians could never come up with.


Direct access to the power of nature is far superior than man-made solutions.


Finally, there’s a lot of talk about how people are divided in the current political climate. Guess what, when you’re reaching beyond the mental plane, as in case of your daily Sahaja meditation, no division can exist. You’re one with nature – you don’t feel divided. You love your community and fellow man irrespective of their political beliefs and aspirations. That’s exactly when mental and emotional disturbance and all negativity inside us and around turns to peace and love. Forgiveness and ability to move on seems so much easier.


Imagine if every citizen were to understand, accept and forgive everyone with differing political beliefs and alignment?


It’s possible for us to reach that evolved state. It isn’t a magic pill and certainly it doesn’t come easily. But daily meditation and once a week collective meditation is a sure way to build this within us over time.