While most forms of meditation rely on generic mind exercises, Sahaja meditation is based on an intricate subtle energy system within us. This system is so intricate that its components have built-in, perfect mathematical ratios and proportions.

The meditation itself results when the Kundalini energy rises and passes through an arrangement of 7 principal energy centers and 3 energy channels that represent the subtle energy system inside us. Specifically, when the Kundalini energy rises, as it crosses the sixth energy center and enters the 7th, our consciousness is elevated to a higher plane where no thoughts exist. This state of meditation is known as Thoughtless Awareness.

It can be mind boggling to examine how intricate our subtle energy system is.


There are 7 principal Kundalini energy centers.

First, the Kundalini energy is in the form of three and half coils, spiral in shape. Three and half turns of a spiral around the central axis of the helix (the mathematical representation of the shape of the Kundalini) makes exactly 7 segments of the axis, hence the 7 principal energy centers on the central energy channel. There are other chakras within our subtle energy system, but these 7 centers are the main ones around the central channel.


There are an enormous amount of strands of Kundalini energy.

The Kundalini energy is also comprised of strands of energy which are like a rope, once again intertwined like a spiral. The rising of the Kundalini energy, in fact, is the rising of the strands or threads of the Kundalini energy. Sahaja knowledge reveals that the number of strands is actually equal to 21 raised to the power 108. The 21 comes from the product of 7 and 3, representing the 7 energy centers and 3 energy channels.


Each chakra has a specific number of petals.

These petals are like catchment areas or points of concentration of specific types of powers within us. You can find out about the number of petals for each chakra and other details here.

There’s even more to discover about the nuances of the subtle energy system and how it has been constructed by nature.

Clearly, Sahaja meditation is not your average meditation technique.