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A better you in 2019 – but in which dimension?

It’s a New Year and the instructors along with the entire team at Sahaja Online wishes you the best success in achieving new heights and successes in 2019. But we have a special message for you. You’ll need to seek out these new levels of improvement in the right dimension in your life. Of all the dimensions available to us to spend our attention, the spiritual dimension is the greatest and most magnificent.


Any success that any of us achieve in getting better in that dimension is exponentially more fruitful and powerful in our lives.


by Sahaja Online

Deepening your meditation experience

Many of us struggle on the periphery of the realm that gives us a deep, soothing experience when we meditate. We merely touch the surface. For some of us, that’s the way it has been for months or even years. For others, a tepid, imperceptible sensation that seems to make us mildly calmer is all we have thus far – we await the moment where the magical experience of meditation can penetrate into us.


In fact, all this may be true of the 80% of us meditators. But some of us are fortunate to have the nectar of deep meditation at some points in time, however infrequent it may be.  The question is – how is this state achieved and why don’t we get this every day and each time we meditate?


by Sahaja Online

The magical meditation technique that can transform you

Over my two decades of practice of meditation, if there’s one technique or strategy I can single out as the most effective, it’s this one. It comes highly recommended by those practitioners who like to go very deep into the practice and discover new levels inside them and abilities they did not know existed.


Personally, I’ve used it to make radical changes in my life when I felt the need. Equally well, when I was hitting a low in my spiritual journey, this is the technique that helps most by being a wake-up call and quickly getting me back to balance.


by Shankar Ramani

How do you deal with Anger?

From Vara Prasad, Instructor, Sahaja Online


We hear a lot about road rage these days and recently I had my own experience with it. Driving in an area unfamiliar to me, I had to stop rather abruptly before merging on to the main road due to the cars on that road driving much faster than I was expecting. A driver on the main road, despite having been in no danger from me, stopped his car in front of me and proceeded to get out, come over to my car, kick my door, swear at me and then drive off again, whilst I thanked my good fortune for not ending up with a bloody nose.


Clearly, this was a massive over-reaction on the other driver’s part to what should have been a minor incident. It left me wondering about the role anger plays in our society. Everywhere we look there is a lot of anger and sometimes it seems as though these levels of anger are increasing.


So how do you deal with your or other people’s anger?

by Sahaja Online

How Holiday Shopping and spiritual growth are related

It’s holiday time and most of us likely are shopping our hearts and wallets away. Or at least curiously watching the deals out there. One thing we do not do is try and understand what shopping can do to our spiritual ascent. Most people think that excessive shopping is a sign of being a shopaholic or indulging in material pursuits. But it’s much beyond that.

by Shankar Ramani