As the new year ushers in another year of hope and exciting possibilities, an often ignored part of our lives is our spiritual goals for the year. There are many reasons for this. The most common among them is that there are too many facets in our lives, all needing some sort of focus and planning as each new year begins. At other times, we feel excited about doing something new and changing our lives. So we make changes to our lives voluntarily.

It’s hard to revisit our spiritual state with complete honesty and prioritize an improvement this year. That’s because the self-assessment of our subtler spiritual state can be challenging. Spirituality is an ocean and the deepest of them all. Since we cannot know its depths, we cannot also know our position relative to the most profound state possible.

That’s where Sahaja comes in. Through many of our tools, approaches and guidance, we can help make a big difference in your spiritual journey this year.

Making your spirituality your core focus

First and foremost, to improve, our attention needs to be diverted to our spiritual state. It needs to be given a much higher priority in our lives amongst all the needs that compete for our attention. If you’re reading this article, your attention and interest have already been kindled in the right direction.

Then, there’s the power of group meditation. The experience can be much more powerful than your individual meditation at home.

We also help with getting into a regular meditation routine and a schedule of attending group meditation sessions. Our meditation calendar helps you pick as many sessions as you like to stay focused on spirituality. There is no need to make any special effort or time necessary in finding guidance from expert meditators.


Our online programs help you gain knowledge about spirituality and teach you methods of assessing yourself, your problems and obstacles. Once you have started attending our online sessions and meditating daily at home, the next step is to introspect your current spiritual state.

In Sahaja, there are powerful tools that provide you with answers innately and in a subtle way about your spiritual state. For example, there’s the indicator of the extent of thoughtless awareness you experience or the sensation of vibrations you feel. Also, there are personality traits and behaviors that give you feedback. Or sometimes, you get the answers through your powerful inner intuition. Whatever the source, if you persist, you will find answers to your questions about your state and progress.

Breaking through the plateau

The next aspect to understand is that meditation and spirituality require each of us to work individually and collectively. So don’t expect miracles, but don’t be surprised if you experience some after putting in a lot of hard work.

We want to focus on making a big push to break through to a much higher state of awareness, deeper meditation and a powerful transformation in our lives in every aspect.

It’s possible and has been done by many people who practice Sahaja. Many do it several times at different stages in their lives. They make a big move to recharge and turn their lives around by putting in a lot of time and effort into their meditation.

Do you want this year to be that year of the breakthrough or turnaround in your life? Yes, it can happen and is entirely in your hands.

Experiencing the elevated state

Perhaps the most relevant paradigm that relates to the experience of the true state of meditation is the law of unconscious incompetence: “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

We can’t fathom how utterly exhilarating and joyous the deep state of meditation can be because we may not have experienced it thus far in our lives. But once we do, we realize what we’ve been missing. The only way to break out of this paradox is to know that such heavenly experiences exist and are very much within our reach. We must desire them, stay focused, persevere and seek the company of those people who can most likely get us there.

Starting this week, we have many of our instructors coming back this year to restart their online meditation sessions and we are also adding some new instructors. So, now is the perfect time to launch your spiritual improvement journey for the year.

For those of you who have been attending our sessions for many years, we invite you to send in your requests for time and topics from any of our instructors and we’ll do our best to organize those sessions. In addition, you can visit our past recordings of sessions done by all our instructors. If particular topics or instructors appeal to you, let us know and we promise we’ll have them conduct sessions this year.

Here’s wishing you the very best in your meditation journey.