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Being Positive Amidst The Negative

“Talent develops in quiet places, character in the full current of human life.”  ~ Goethe


Goethe may not have faced situations of murderous conflict but he certainly was on to something there. So much of what we learn is blooded in the heat of ‘battle’.   I don’t have to go to Afghanistan to fight murderous terrorists; in fact, I have never been to any battleground of lethal consequences. My battle in a business context is in meetings, negotiations, documents, virtual workshops, and debates- a sharp word takes the place of the lancet, a poor rating the equivalent of a bullet. I doff my imaginary hat to the brave men and women who serve this country in hostile situations. While my workplace can frequently seem stressful, I can only imagine what stress can seem like, in the face of enemy fire.

by Shamik Ghosh

Are You A Reader or A Practitioner of Spirituality?

The history and legacy of spiritual philosophers in this world are tremendous. Over the ages, all of them spoke about spirituality and offered revolutionary insights about it. Accordingly, human civilization was able to achieve newer breakthroughs.


Where are we today in terms of our awareness and practice of spirituality?


Are we still mostly reading and interpreting spiritual concepts, or have we reached a point where we’re actualizing spirituality in our lives?

by Sahaja Online

10 Ways You Could Fail at Meditation

Real meditation is not all that easy as a lot of people make it out to be. For one, what meditation really is and what the outcomes should be, vary according to their convenience or lack of knowledge. Or more likely a disturbing combination of both. Second, no one wants to tell you how you can receive no benefit at all from meditation, if you don’t focus on some important aspects.


It turns out that state of meditation is very subtle and there are a lot more ways in which you could fail at meditation than being successful. And you’ll be surprised at most of our suggestions.

by Sahaja Online

The Significance of Mother Earth for Meditators

Over the last week, the world celebrated Earth Day, offering their obeisance to the Mother Earth and promoting awareness about environmental consciousness in general.


However, spirituality and spiritual meditation have a special connection with the Earth.

by Sahaja Online

Understanding Your Purpose in Life

We have all asked the question about the purpose of our lives. Sometimes, we ponder about the purpose of human life in general. At other times, we’re curious about the purpose of our own life as an individual and what we were born to achieve.


The pursuit of spirituality sometimes appears to have a strong connection with it, but that is only the means to an end. What after all is that end goal?

by Sahaja Online