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Healthy body – healthy mind: myth or reality?

Mens sana in corpore sano – ‘A healthy body houses a healthy mind’.


Medicine and spirituality may seem at odds with one another. Or so it would appear in modern times. The history of medicine, however, tells us something very different. The role of spirituality in medicine is part of its evolutionary DNA.


And now as a meditator, you have a real chance for unlocking ancient healing secrets in a very real way.


by Dr. Ashish Pradhan

Developing precision meditation skills – Part 1 of 2

Developing any kind of precision skills is exciting and fulfilling. It helps you become a master at your craft, an expert and in complete control of yourself. Fortunately, Sahaja meditation involves our incredibly intricate subtle energy system and allows us to develop such skills if we strive for it. This is not your average meditation where you simply focus and concentrate and hope for some vague outcomes. Rather it can be as precise as you want it to be and the best part is that the potential for precision is infinity.  That’s because spirituality itself is infinite (or in fact encompasses the concept of infinity itself, perhaps?).


Not only that, but it can also be highly customized to you as a person so you can use it to your advantage. In this part, we share with the inner and precise workings of your attention and how meditation actually results, so you have a thorough understanding of what goes on underneath the hood, i.e., inside your subtle energy system.


by Sahaja Online

What to do when you’re frustrated and about to lose it

Yes, today’s times are very testing for everyone. Meditator or not, every one of us has those moments and situations when we’re close to boiling over. We’ve reached the tipping point. The proverbial straw is about to break the camel’s back very soon. We’re having what seems to be one of our worst days. And the biggest problem is that the other person seems to be blind to what is a straightforward case and the right thing to do. You can’t seem to make him or her see your point of view and simply cannot fathom how such people even exist or what drives their thinking.


Sounds familiar? We have some answers, but only because we have a little bit of experience as meditators, not because we’re free of such situations or states of mind ourselves at all times.


by Sahaja Online

7 power-packed life changing strategies

We’re in a transformative pursuit in life, at least spiritually. I love things that give me the maximum “Bang for the buck”. But that’s figuratively speaking because in reality, I like to spend no money at all and still get a huge payback on any strategy, approach or tool I use in life. And that’s not all, I also like every strategy to take the least out of my attention.


Yes, meditators need to use the technique of “Return on attention” , or ROA as I like to call it,  more than the traditional return on investment or ROI paradigm. That’s because our attention is more valuable than our time or money, even though time is extremely valuable too.


Our attention is our primary vehicle for spiritual pursuits. You can’t pay for spiritual progress, it’s a subtle, inner journey that is highly customized to you. And history shows that people spent their entire lifetimes struggling to get spiritual Self-Realization but got nowhere. All the time they had at their disposal didn’t help them. Every bit of our attention spent on low value-adding activities is attention lost for our spiritual progress.


by Shankar Ramani

The 10 defining tenets of Spirituality

As we’ve always maintained, one of the biggest obstacles the world has is to understand the real meaning of Spirituality and not confuse it with related concepts like religion or other philosophies.


Spirituality is important because our meditation is centered around discovering your inner self through an inner subtle instrument within us. This means that meditation and spirituality are part of the same concept and truth and inseparable.


by Sahaja Online