As it stands, the world around us is full of problems. Many times, so are our personal lives. Sometimes these are related to nagging health issues, at other times, we get into mental and emotional problems. In Sahaja meditation, it’s possible to trace every kind of problem we face back to the innermost being inside us – the subtle energy system.


Finding solutions to problems or trying to deal with them is what all of us do all the time. Correspondingly, there are always techniques and methods available to clear and balance our subtle energy system.

But, these are limited beyond a point. Imagine having to go through a bunch of techniques all the time, every day in our meditation routine. We’re sure to get tired of it and eventually give up.


What if you could find a way to stay clear of problems and in a Sahaja parlance, have a free, pure and clear subtle energy system that’s brimming with power and energy? What if you could unleash a proactive method by which you’re largely immune to contracting problems?


Compassion – the ultimate “Stay clear” trait to develop


The Sahaja teachings, philosophy and experiments of Sahaja practitioners confirm that when we have abundant compassion – towards ourselves, others and the world, we almost never acquire any problems, catches or negativity. It’s our own greatest defense and fighting strategy against negativity, but without having to fight.


How does this work? Negative emotions and thoughts within us attract negativity since it tends to use the negative intentions, thoughts and emotions as vehicles for the propagation of these into the world around us. When we fill ourselves with near infinite positivity by developing compassion, we refuse to offer ourselves for channelizing negative energy and negativity. And over time, we become immune to these negative forces and attacks.


And this immunity manifests itself in a stronger physical, mental and emotional self over time.


There are plenty of anecdotal experiences and recommendations by experienced practitioners on using compassion as a means to clear the subtle energy system out. Their experiences confirm that whenever they really feel compassionate, they are able to go for weeks at a stretch keeping a clear subtle energy system even when their meditation routine is rather average.


And here’s the kicker – there’s scientific proof that compassion is established through meditation. A 2016 Sahaja meditation study using the brain structure imaging techniques of MRI and Voxel-Based Morphometry (Hernández et al, 2016) found that long-term Sahaja practitioners (compared with non-meditators) had significantly larger grey matter volume in the left ventrolateral prefrontal cortex and left insula. These are regions associated with feelings of empathy, compassion, and altruism.


That should tell us how real of an opportunity we have for developing compassion and in turn being largely free from problems.


How do we develop compassion?


Sahaja is not a religious discourse that tells you “Be compassionate” or “Show compassion”. Instead, we’re going to tell you “Meditate more and let the compassion seep automatically into your being”. In short, all you need to do is meditate more and deeply. Measure your time spent for meditation by the outcomes you experience inside yourself.


In the initial few weeks of your meditation, do you feel more tolerant, patient and have a greater sense of understanding towards yourself and others?


Over time, do you experience this feeling of peace and calm within you that makes it easy to forgive just about anything or anyone?


And ultimately, do you feel compassionate – does your heart go out towards doing good and feeling positive?


If not, you’ll have to watch and adjust your meditation routine carefully. Perhaps you need to focus on a greater degree of thoughtless awareness in your meditation. Perhaps you simply need to give it a longer duration or become more consistent with your meditation.


If nothing works, maybe you need help in our collective meditation sessions or our coaches or instructors. Either way, the whole point of meditation is to induce positive, measurable and tangible changes in yourself every step of the way.


Compassion is a quality of the Heart chakra and nurturing this chakra through meditation builds compassion.

Is there a way to become superhuman beings where we never catch on any problems or negativity?


Yes, and that’s the ultimate destination for a Sahaja practitioner. It’s called the Doubtless Awareness stage. This is a stage when our subtle system is operating at its peak and when we have no doubts, maximum powers and are filled with joy and compassion. Everything we do is precise and we never imbibe any negativity, problem or catch.


But it’s safe to say that for most of us, the present focus is on Thoughtless Awareness and trying to get consistent with it.


So the next time, you’re all feeling caught up, frustrated and seeing everything as a big mess in your life, try using compassion as an antidote, of course using meditation as your tool to build it inside yourself.  Try it especially when you’re tired of trying too many techniques to clear yourself and when things don’t seem to be working.


And tell us how things went.