Many people view the chakras as a mystical component, something fascinating or fanciful that they want to pursue in their lives. For others, it is a conversation starter and even a venture into some elite spiritual journey and experience. The most annoying aspect can be the superficiality around the chakras’ knowledge and how people carelessly toss around the words and concepts.

But the bottom line is this – every component of our subtle energy system is central to our day-to-day functioning, health and well-being. Several oddities, imbalances and problems in our lives result when they aren’t working correctly. In our series on illuminating every chakra’s practical aspect, we provide day-to-day scenarios that we deal with, that are related to it. We discuss practical ways to overcome some of our important challenges about the particular chakra or channel.

The Mooladhara chakra provides the most fundamental level of support to our existence, along with a direction and purpose every step of the way. It is located in the spinal column, in the region of the coccygeal plexus. We can sense the presence of our Mooladhara on the back or base of the wrist during our meditation or whenever the connection of our subtle inner being to the all-pervading energy is strong. This sensation is a vibrating or a type of tingling sensation. Physiologically, the Mooladhara governs our reproductive and excretory systems, so any problems with those systems can ultimately be traced to our Mooladhara. But the importance of the Mooladhara goes far beyond that in our lives.

The benefits that we experience

When our Mooladhara chakra is well balanced and in good shape:

  1. There is a general smoothness to our lives. We feel our day being obstacle and problem-free. Typically, this feels like driving through a series of traffic lights when they are all green.
  2. We feel joyous and liberated. The feeling is similar to how children run around, playing and enjoying themselves without any worries or complications – indeed, that childlike innocence is restored within us even if we are adults.
  3. Our relationships and sexual activity get into balance, and any problems in these aspects are resolved.
  4. Our sense of dignity, self-esteem and self-respect is restored, we no longer debase or abuse ourselves. Equally well, our respect for others and, in general, everything around increases and is established firmly.
  5. Our decision-making is intuitively and innately sound and we never find ourselves in any serious problem due to any of the decisions we make. This is because the power of our innate wisdom and intuition emanating from our Mooladhara helps us make our decisions correctly.
  6. We begin to realize the direction and purpose of our lives, we’re no longer lost or confused about anything small or significant. The clarity in our attention and thinking is unmistakable.
  7. Our moral compass and an absolute sense of right and wrong is established within us. We do not base our views, actions, and decisions on what others or the world or the media or anyone in any position of power or authority tell us; our inner value system drives everything. We become conscientious and develop a sense of moral responsibility.
  8. Our general sense of cleanliness and hygiene improves greatly.
  9. We experience a greater harmony with nature and the earth in our lives as we begin to realize its power. This is because the Mooladhara itself is made of the earth element and now active within us.
  10. Finally, from a spiritual standpoint, the Mooladhara is the root chakra, the entire subtle energy system’s foundation. It represents the earth element, or the most basic state of existence. Mooladahara, in other words, helps keep us “grounded.” In fact, it is from Mooladhara that we receive the ability and authority to raise our own Kundalini energy and help others raise theirs.

Problems and challenges we can face

Problems with the Mooladhara chakra are apparent when:

  1. You’re confused or lost in life; it feels like every decision is backfiring on you.
  2. Obstacles at every step present themselves in virtually every part of your life – nothing seems to be going right or working.
  3. You seem to have gotten involved or caught up in a lot of complicated thinking, even scheming or dishonest motives.
  4. You encounter sexual disorders, problems or perversions.
  5. Your attention seems polluted, with negative, self-destructive, and impure thoughts.
  6. You seem to be unable to enjoy even the simplest of things in life.
  7. Your life is a mess – literally and metaphorically.

How to rectify problems with the Mooladhara chakra and keep it in good shape

  1. Sitting on the earth and using balancing techniques during your meditation using the earth element.
  2. Regular meditation and foot soaking
  3. Affirmations and specific mantras we teach in our advanced sessions.