Human beings are gifted with the unique ability to create things that can impact Nature and civilization. Yet, not all that we create or have created thus far is without harm. Nor are our creations in complete balance and harmony with Nature or for the betterment of the world.

Imagine a world where everything created is beautiful, inspiring, joyous to experience and highly beneficial with no undesirable residual impact on Nature. 

If the Swadisthana chakra of every person in this world were completely balanced, this would exactly be the outcome. Let’s examine the unique and practical aspects of the power behind this chakra and how to use it in our lives.

It is through the Swadishthana chakra that inspiration is born and creative energy is generated. Swadisthan also governs attention and our ability to discern and assimilate pure knowledge.

It is located in the Aortic plexus, above the sacrum bone. It represents the power to create everything that comprises our existence and the existence of the universe itself. Physiologically, it governs and takes care of the functioning of our liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, and female reproductive organs.

Intuitive knowledge vs. Cognitively assimilated information

As we grow up, our education, life experiences and whatever information we assimilate cognitively give us the knowledge to lead our lives, building our intelligence and maturity. And while this type of knowledge is essential, there is also an innate source of intuitive knowledge within us. This is a storehouse of wisdom and universal intelligence that can be tapped. Some may also refer to it as the source of creative inspiration.

Human beings’ actions to create something combine both intuitive knowledge and the intelligence and experiences assimilated cognitively. It is nearly impossible to determine how much of each we might use for any activity. Still, we know those breakthrough inventions, solutions and ideas driven by intuition or the genius within human beings can change the world a lot more than just the plans, designs and structured thinking.

The Swadisthan chakra’s essence is that it helps us tap into our intuitive intelligence a lot more and to a point where this begins to shape our decisions and actions. Nature’s beauty and creativity seen in so many of its wonderful creations are visible in whatever we do or create. Not only that, but we do not put stress on ourselves in overthinking or over-analyzing our solutions and work. We have a lot more energy to keep doing a lot of higher quality work with a lot less stress and energy. And the result of our actions does not create unintended consequences or harmful effects on anyone or anything.

Amongst other aspects driven by the Swadisthana chakra are our creative instincts, a deeper appreciation of beauty, aesthetics and creation, the power of inspiration and idea generation, pure attention and intellectual perception.

Most importantly, the Swadisthana chakra enables us to get true spiritual knowledge directly from the source of such knowledge in this universe, a part of which also exists deep within us. Access to this superior knowledge is very different from amassing spiritual interpretations or concepts by reading books or from the views of those seen as spiritual or religious experts. 

The Swadisthana chakra creates the openness to experiences (curious, creative, intellectual, and open-mindedness) and appreciation for art, music, culture and philosophy. It also creates curiosity and the desire to learn and receive pure knowledge. Innovation-seeking, exploratory excitability is also spurred by the power of this chakra.

Challenges and problems

Your Swadisthana chakra may need balancing and clearing when:

  1. You have difficulty meditating.
  2. You are doing uninspired work; having problems with creative thought, idea generation.
  3. You are feeling a general lack of energy and interest in doing your work or anything.
  4. You have insomnia.
  5. Negativity, harmful and destructive thoughts seem to be coming to you – external negativities often accumulate in the left Swadishtana chakra.
  6. External influences are obsessively or fanatically controlling your thinking and you are losing control.
  7. Your attention is not pure and it’s not just your thinking, but negative or impure ideas are entering your attention.
  8. You have excessive thinking and analysis that does not add any value or benefit and stresses you, depleting your energy.
  9. Physiological problems or health disorders relating to the liver, kidney or spleen.

How to heal your Swadisthana chakra

In addition to regular meditation, foot soaking can help clear this chakra. Problems with the right Swadisthana chakra can be addressed with cool water foot soaking and ice packs on the liver while the fire element is used to cure the left Swadisthana.

You are best served by attending our sessions or contacting our instructors if you sense a significant problem with this chakra.