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11 Ways Sahaja Resonates with Busy Professionals

Busy professionals rely on all sorts of tools to make things work: scheduling tools, clever smartphone applications and a supportive team. But, do you ever feel like something is still missing? Even with so many tools within arm’s reach, it’s easy to get caught up in daily tasks and feel overwhelmed, uncertain and less than fulfilled. Sahaja meditation serves as a powerful force for self-improvement and personal and professional growth. With regular practice, you’ll find a deeper understanding of the world and your role in it.

by Sahaja Online

Sahaja is for Families – Emotional Intelligence for Parents

We love our families. We would do anything to make sure our kids are happy and have what they need. We want to be close and connected. And yet, with the demands and pressures of life, sometimes we regret to acknowledge that the ones we love don’t always get the best of us. After long days and weary weeks, we don’t always offer our kids the gentlest approach or have the capacity to offer them what they really want from us each day: an emotional connection.

by Sahaja Online

What You Say About Others Says a Lot About You

What do our perceptions of others reveal about our own personalities? A lot, researchers are discovering.
According to a recent study that explored perceiver effects, how positively you see others may be linked to how happy, kind-hearted and emotionally stable you are. In contrast, negative perceptions of others are linked to higher levels of narcissism and antisocial behavior in the perceiver (Wood et al., 2010).

by Debbie Curtis

The Biological Power of Purpose: Longevity, Heart Health, Alzheimer’s Prevention

While we may all have different perspectives of what “purpose in life” means, most any definition would include having a sense of meaningfulness and direction and a feeling that life is worth living. Purpose is a psychological tendency to draw meaning from life’s experiences. It embraces a sense of intentionality and goal directedness — inner directedness — that becomes a compass to guide our behavior.

Distilled to its purest essence, purpose could perhaps be thought of as the reason for our existence.

by Debbie Curtis

Is Politics Stressing You Out?

Today’s political situation rouses understandable fear and worry. In an effort to deal with these unsettling feelings, many are turning to forms of self-help for relief, including meditation. While we steer clear of political alignment or opinions here at Sahaja, we can help shed some light on this problem at a deeper level. In addition, our guided meditation sessions serve as a great starting place on your journey of self-improvement, empowering you to be a witness to drama without internalizing fear.


by Shankar Ramani