With the constant barrage of social media updates and instant news, it is safe to say that we are getting hit from all sides with information.


Rarely what we see or read in the news is positive. After all, positive news does not improve ratings.  And ultimately, this negative news creeps into our minds and psyche, feeding our thinking process. Unquestionably, there are benefits in making a conscious attempt to break this cycle of negative thinking.


On personal social media pages, we see many updates about positive, perfect lives. However, no one is perfect, despite what they profess in their updates.


Why do people want to give the illusion that their lives are perfect?


People have a difficult time sharing that their relationship is going through a bumpy ride or that what they thought was their dream job is their worst nightmare because in their mind it makes them appear weak and vulnerable.


If you’re reading updates from your friends having interesting lives, the odds of you being honest on social media about what is going wrong in your life is slim to none.


The constant flow of bad stories on the news and the perfect updates on social media can put a person in a negative frame of mind. Once that negative thinking starts, it tends to take on a life of its own creating a negative thought cycle.


The one plus about you allowing the negative thinking to start is that it is within your power to stop it. If you can stop the vicious cycle of negative thinking, which is by no means an easy job to complete, what else could you accomplish?

Could you go after your dream job?

Would you take a chance with the person you love?

Could you start the small business you’ve always wanted?

Would you push yourself to live a healthy lifestyle?

Could you be nicer to your fellow humans?

Would you spend some of your free time helping others?

The “coulds” and the “woulds” are endless. They truly are limitless.


As humans, we all think negative thoughts. Stopping the cycle of negative thoughts can help you realize how much inner power you can weld. Once you are conscious of your power, your life is yours to create.


Do you feel that you can’t stop the current cycle of negative thoughts on your own? No worries, we’re here to help.


Here are 5 ways by which Sahaja meditation can help with negative thinking.


1. Beyond the mental plane


For starters, if you’re tuned into Sahaja meditation or considering it, you’re fortunate because the inherent concept of meditation in Sahaja is to elevate your consciousness to a higher plane, well above the one where thoughts, and especially, negative thoughts are playing havoc. So, at the very least, as each day progresses, you should see excessive thoughts reduce. In fact, you’ll enjoy a unique state that feels as though you’re watching your thoughts from somewhere above.


Separating your pure attention from the thoughts is the first benefit of Thoughtless Awareness in Sahaja meditation. As a result, the rebounds you constantly experience from one thought triggering another reduces. Eventually, that hugely amplified level of noise in your head starts to disappear.


With some practice, you can develop the ability to snap out of the chain of thoughts when you want to, especially in situations when you begin to realize that negative thoughts are overpowering you. Even better, seasoned practitioners can virtually control what they pay attention to. They don’t get dragged into this maze of thoughts, rather they have the power to control or rise above them.


2. Address the source of negative thoughts


Introspection is a powerful tool you can develop as you get regular with your meditation. Negative thoughts can arise from a variety of root causes and sources – fear, anxiety, stress, hatred, guilt, anger and so on. It’s important for you to identify where exactly the negative thinking is originating. Sahaja can give you this clarity and precision in your introspective process (being mindful as they call it these days) and in two ways – through the regular cognitive process once you’ve managed to separate your attention from the thoughts. And secondly, from a subtle awareness standpoint – you can actually feel the source or deficiency in your own subtle energy system, such as in a specific channel or chakra. See more on diagnosing your subtle energy system.


3. Overall improvement


Then begins your attempts at rectifying negative thinking. The simple act of regular meditation and introspection can, of course, set you on the path to recovery and controlling your negative thinking. Not only this, the regular practice of Sahaja meditation heals you from the inside and is constantly working to innate rectify the source of your negative thoughts and emotions. See more about how Sahaja achieves holistic healing.


4. Energy center / channel specific improvement


You also have the ability to work on specific energy centers or channels to work on the root cause of negative thinking. A number of practitioners, for example, are able to identify that a weak left energy channel causes them to brood at times and amplifies negative thoughts. Others report that the weakening of the heart energy center causes insecurity and fear that increases negative thinking. They are able to take corrective action through clearing and balancing techniques they have learned in Sahaja meditation.


5. Collective meditation


Be a part of our group meditation sessions for the guidance you need to make the changes you desire. The collective energy during one of our guided group meditations gives you the inner strength you need. In Sahaja, group meditation does wonders to your subtle energy system. Sahaja is as much a collective exercise of growth as it is of individual practice. Nearly all practitioners experience accelerated healing or improvements for their problems once they start attending group meditations regularly.

Read more in-depth information on how Sahaja impacts negative thinking.