You’ve stumbled upon Sahaja, done some reading, and may be wondering where to start. While our quick start guide is a great place to start, you may be wondering what you need inside of yourself to make this journey successful. The good news is – if you’re seeking and asking yourself those kinds of questions – you’re already well on your way.

Let’s look at the few important things that rank high on Sahaja meditators’ list for beginning or staying on this journey of meditation.




Sahaja is not a pill for fast relief. Nearly all meditators agree that beginning any journey, like Sahaja, requires you to be patient with yourself – sometimes quite often. While it can bring significant positive changes on many dimensions, it takes time to soak in gradually. Over time, Sahaja really grows on you. All you need to do is to give it time. The effects of Sahaja are long lasting, almost always over your entire lifetime.

Sahaja meditators are patient with themselves, too. They don’t worry if they miss a day or a session of meditation, if they do a technique incorrectly or they aren’t feeling the inner energy of subtle system. Sahaja is inherently less dependent on precise techniques as it is more important to feel the experience and wait until it happens.




Meditators always keep one goal in mind – that they’ll somehow find time to meditate. Keeping at it eventually helps them ward off obstacles and consolidate their gains when the going isn’t as tough. In other words, on better days and when they aren’t laden with too many problems.

You’ve heard it said, nothing worth having comes easy. Great things take hard work, there are no shortcuts. Your spiritual journey will take consistent hard work. You’ll have to be willing to get back up after falling, and continue to put one foot in front of the other. There is no ultimate destination, rather the true benefits reside in the journey itself. Enjoy the journey.


Letting go and allowing the energy to work


We’re all used to juggling priorities and wearing many hats. Many of us approach meditation in a similar fashion, thinking that we must do something to make it work. While it’s true that you do have to make time for meditation, the actual state of meditation happens naturally when you allow your own inner energy to work things out – when you realize how powerful it is and let go of your efforts to try and meditate. As we mentioned in an earlier article we wrote, meditation is a state that we need to fall into, every single time that we sit down for meditation.


Watch our expert instructor Dave talk about how he managed to get the Sahaja experience when he actually let go.



Chances are, since you’re here reading, you have a drive for something more. You’re looking for a higher purpose, a higher state. Or a solution to some problem – like being able to clear your mind of thoughts.  Motivation is a critical part of this journey.


So how do we stay motivated? A judicious mix of seeking the experience of the deep meditative state and learning about our Inner Self. The balance is really critical here. Too much reading or learning without the actual experience will likely tire you out. And getting to know something as deep and expansive as Sahaja and your subtle energy system is equally pleasurable as the experience. The experience helps drive more meditation which in turn yields greater benefits.


Another crucial tool – collective meditation and staying connected with other practitioners.


At Sahaja Online, you’re free to join as many of our group meditation sessions as you like, ask questions and even request for a coach.


Finally, if you’re really looking for a spiritual journey, then you can read our detailed account of the role each chakra plays in this journey.