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The First Experience of Sahaja Meditation: Hear from Practitioners

Just like experienced practitioners, your first experience with Sahaja meditation will be uniquely your own. Some practitioners describe an immediate, noticeable experience while others describe a more gradual discovery of energy and vibration. Whether it happens in your first session, or further into your journey, your experience of Sahaja meditation can be a powerful one.


by Sahaja Online

Wisdom = Heart + Mind

Would you believe that the fluctuations of your heartbeat can affect your level of wisdom? A new study in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience suggests that wise judgment lies at the intersection of heart and mind — of physiology and cognition (Grossmann et al, 2016).

by Debbie Curtis

Navigating the Journey of Meditation

You’ve stumbled upon Sahaja, done some reading, and may be wondering where to start. While our quick start guide is a great place to start, you may be wondering what you need inside of yourself to make this journey successful. The good news is – if you’re seeking and asking yourself those kinds of questions – you’re already well on your way.

Let’s look at the few important things that rank high on Sahaja meditators’ list for beginning or staying on this journey of meditation.

by Shankar Ramani

The Power In Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Thinking

With the constant barrage of social media updates and instant news, it is safe to say that we are getting hit from all sides with information.


Rarely what we see or read in the news is positive. After all, positive news does not improve ratings.  And ultimately, this negative news creeps into our minds and psyche, feeding our thinking process. Unquestionably, there are benefits in making a conscious attempt to break this cycle of negative thinking.

by Sahaja Online

Is Facebook Helping or Hurting Your Self-Esteem?

Because the use of social media has become such a global social phenomenon, researchers have become more interested in exploring how it defines us socially and how interacting with social media websites influences how we feel about ourselves.


Study results are mixed, but the emerging landscape suggests that how social media affects your personal well-being may largely depend on your natural level of self-esteem.

by Debbie Curtis