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Meditation strengthens family relationships

Sahaja meditation allows you to harness the healing power of your Kundalini energy to boost your mental and physical resilience and improve the personal qualities that foster deeper bonds with loved ones. You’ll be better equipped to cope with whatever challenges come your way.

by Sahaja Online

How Meditation Binds People into A Happy Family

For starters, we’d like to clarify that by family, we mean any group you’re associated with that makes you feel happy, welcome and share the bond with others in the group. It could your workplace, the circle of friends, the group of people you play tennis with, your actual biological family or most relevant to us, the collective group of meditators or yoga practitioners you associate with.


Meditation can make a world of difference by cementing your place in any family. It can make you the most loved, sought after and respected member of the family. This can fill the void in your life with help and assistance being available to you whenever you need it, whether it’s emotional support, physical assistance or just about anything.


So, how does meditation do it and why is it special?

by Shankar Ramani