Sahaja meditation allows you to harness the healing power of your Kundalini energy to boost your mental and physical resilience and improve the personal qualities that foster deeper bonds with loved ones. You’ll be better equipped to cope with whatever challenges come your way.

We all make relationship mistakes from time to time, but meditation will help you stay focused on the present, rather than ruminating about past mistakes you may have made, or worrying about what the future holds for your family. Meditation will increase your awareness of how you’re interacting with family members and how your actions impact them.

You’ll become more attuned to your loved ones, rather than simply racing through each day on autopilot. Couples become better able to fulfill their partner’s emotional needs. And parents, whether they’re parenting adolescents, ’tweens or teenagers, become better able to fulfill their kids’ emotional needs and build a motivational framework that will last a lifetime.

Here are some practical experiences from Sahaja practitioners on how meditation has helped them nurture their family relationships.

Establishing the moral compass in children

According to Shamik, Sahaja meditation provides the moral compass for children and finding their purpose in life along with instilling good decision making. Going back into the core of our being is essential to ward off the negative influences of the media and entertainment options available to children today. You can feel the relationships with other family members in a very tangible manner when you meditate. Further, meditating together as a family helps greatly in bonding, making it an integral part of our family lives can do wonders for us.

Sahaja and Family relationships.

Overcoming inhibitions and resolving issues with family members

According to Jennifer, meditation helped her overcome shyness and she started enjoying conversations that she could not earlier with people in general. She did not have the easiest time with relationships with her family, but after Sahaja meditation, was able to develop forgiveness and the desire to interact with family members again and rise above disagreements and problems.

Managing Conflicts

According to Melanie:

  • Meditation helps us see conflicts likely to arise in the family well in advance.
  • Family relationships have the fewest filters when it comes to the behavior of each member, so one has to be extra careful.
  • Meditation provides great insights and sensitivity and is able to ensure that one’s actions are not spreading negativity in the family, through words, thoughts or assumptions.

  • We can experience negative side effects due to the actions of our family members.
  • Meditation helps us become aware of our ideal emotional state or gives us emotional intelligence, helping us understand others’ perspectives.
  • This helps respond to relationships correctly so it is productive and not just for one’s own benefit.
  • The growth in our family relationships is not a selfish process, it has to be through the awareness of others and their needs, meditation helps us gain this awareness.