For starters, we’d like to clarify that by family, we mean any group you’re associated with that makes you feel happy, welcome and share the bond with others in the group. It could your workplace, the circle of friends, the group of people you play tennis with, your actual biological family or most relevant to us, the collective group of meditators or yoga practitioners you associate with.


Meditation can make a world of difference by cementing your place in any family. It can make you the most loved, sought after and respected member of the family. This can fill the void in your life with help and assistance being available to you whenever you need it, whether it’s emotional support, physical assistance or just about anything.


So, how does meditation do it and why is it special?




Sahaja meditation starts with the heart, where our inner spirit resides. We activate our inner self and begin to feel it on our central nervous system. Our hearts open up and get filled with compassion. No, this isn’t some artificial feeling of goodness or being nice or kind. It’s a deep, warm feeling inside of you that cares for others. It settles in innately. The more you meditate, the stronger it gets.


So much so, that people around you can feel the invisible power and vibrations from your heart, one that has been awakened with the power of Self-Realization. There’s this uncanny bond and attraction people begin to feel towards you.


Forging Relationships


When we meditate, the chakras inside us are working innately to strengthen our relationships with others and remove all negativity and negative emotions. And if you’ve had issues socializing, you’ll be surprised at how you can fit in so much more easily or how people seem to take a liking to you. Many a Sahaja practitioner has reported how disagreements or fights were followed by the person coming back to them, feeling bad about it and apologizing for his or her behavior. And all they did was sit and meditate, surrendering the problem to the all-pervading power and Mother Nature.


It may seem magical, but meditating families are a lot more peaceful and adjusting than otherwise.


Projecting Honesty, Integrity and Innocence


Meditation works at our fundamental trait of innocence and strengthens it. People see our integrity and begin to trust us. Whatever the issue or disagreement, they’ll never think that we do not have the best intentions at heart or that we have some sort of malice. At times, they may be frustrated that they’re unable to get their point across, but that’s about it. They’re never angry with us.


The power of childlike innocence can be tremendous. No one can be angry with children or babies beyond the momentary rebuke when they don’t listen to us. That’s how meditation shapes us. We don’t become naive or stupid, just innocent and powerful.


Wisdom, Gravity and The Go-To Person for Creative Solutions


As we gain experience in life by becoming a meditator, an increasing number of our family members and friends tend to look up to us for help, answers, and solutions. The deepest meditator projects gravity and people get attracted to this person, seeking help and solace in their company all the time.


At workplaces, such people can often provide breakthrough solutions for nagging and difficult problems. And yet, they take no credit for it and never rub it in that they were the ones who solved anything. They realize how much the world and they are driven by the invisible, all-pervading power.


Willing to Put People Before Yourself – Egolessness


Over time, pursuing causes beyond our own skin is almost inevitable for a meditator. While we may spend some time tending to our own problems, after a while, there’s no fun in it. We begin to think of others in our family, our community and the people in this world. And they can see clearly that we almost always put them before ourselves. This strengthens the bonds with them like nothing else, because, when we surrender ourselves and submit our ego, we win them over completely.


The Charm and Charisma of Pursuing Higher Purpose and How It Appeals to People


Several years ago, I had a colleague at work. He wasn’t the best employee or the most skilled. Yet, he used to be the one who was simple-minded, confident, always willing to help, never disturbed by anything that happened. He used to be a source of strength. And then there were other things that were appealing to him. People knew that he had the answers to the deeper and bigger things in life. And so, everyone always looked up to him. There was a short of charisma and appeal, a kind of confidence he exuded that he knew what life was about, even if he wasn’t the most skilled employee.


Try as we might, none of us could emulate this, sometimes we were more intelligent and produced better results at work, but we used to get worried, fearful, anxious too. But not him. The balance was his forte.


So when you meditate, in the longer term, that’s what attracts members of your group or family to you. They miss you when you’re not around. And that’s the real sign that you’ve bonded in any family.


Making the World One Happy Family


Finally, what happens if many people in a group all take to meditation and transform themselves?

It creates a society, community and world filled with peaceful individuals who are selfless and care more about others and the world. The barriers of country, groups, religions and society are removed and people enjoy each other’s company as if the entire world is one big, joyous family.