We’re into a new decade now. In our last article, we made a case for how spirituality and good health are ultimately the two most important aspects in our lives.

Every other goal, dream, accomplishment or ambition falls in line automatically and has a higher chance of being realized once we become spiritual.

What if we all spend this new decade prioritizing these two aspects?

What would it feel like to establish your spiritual life and how might this journey look like?



Making spirituality the foundation of your life means that it is going to start driving all your decisions and actions. Specifically, the lifestyle change to a spiritual one looks like this:

  • Believe it or not, you get less intense and less serious, it’s more about the quality of life and balance in all spheres of it. You begin to value life and the things and people in it a lot more.
  • You begin to focus inward and on yourself
  • You prepare yourself for self-discovery – all your positives and areas of improvements at every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Your lifestyle and flow of events becomes natural, spontaneous and planning is balanced
  • Your life becomes enjoyable every moment and you relish every experience, good or bad
  • Humor and fun become important inclusions in your life, if they weren’t before
  • Discipline definitely has a place, but you don’t feel the pressure, you pursue your routine and necessary activities because the deep experience drives and motivates you
  • Your entire focus is you, not on what others do or how they are, solutions to all problems are therefore inside you
  • Worry and anxiety tend to disappear over time and you seem to be extremely resilient even in very challenging situations
  • An underlying sense of compassion pervades your being permanently
  • A sense of clarity and a heightened sense of productivity reveals itself, you feel energetic and always wanting to do something
  • Your life moves progressively to integrate with nature and natural things
  • Most important of all, you begin to understand the purpose of your life and the goals that will give you the best quality of life become apparent to you.


The most important steps you can take to get started


Give meditation plenty of time.


Yes, in this fast-moving world of quick solutions and so many things to juggle with, we’re here to tell you that unless you take a step back and free up your attention and time, spirituality will be elusive. We need to slow down, give up a few things that keep us very busy, sit down to introspect and get started with spending at least an hour a day for our spiritual lives.


Those “Destress yourself in a few minutes” programs won’t give you a spiritual life, that’s for sure.


Start with twice a day for 30 minutes each at the very least and more if you’re not experiencing the typical benefits or change in your life. This probably means that you still need unclogging your attention and life before you begin to experience your inner spiritual self.


You need the time to go deep inside yourself, explore how your attention works and moves and what it feels like to experience your Spirit.


In fact, we’d recommend all of this for a lot of people who are already regular meditators. Have you become too busy and are you just skimming through your meditation? Are you really enjoying the depth of meditation and its benefits? Are you becoming complacent that meditation is already an established routine in your life and moving on too quickly to spend time on other unimportant things?


Plan for a decade


Have a long term plan over a decade. This is going to be a marathon, slow and steady. We’ve broken down how the journey of a decade of spirituality will look like based on how Sahaja practitioners went through.


The first few days and a couple of weeks are about settling into a meditation routine.


The first few weeks are about getting to experience the state of meditation and your subtle energy system.


The first few months are about beginning to see many positive changes in your life and a definite positive change in your personality. It is about discovering many dimensions about yourself that you weren’t aware of. The first few months are also about making a commitment to collectivity and collective meditation so you can draw upon its power to take you through the rest of the journey.


The first 2 years or so are about establishing yourself firmly as a spiritual person and actualizing your spirituality through meditation.


The years after that involve getting to more advanced levels and encountering various tests that you are subjected to by this divine power. Spirituality is great, but not easy to master. Once you settle down to the basics, the higher levels get tougher to reach. Persistence and patience help you discover deep-rooted problems inside you and make those longer-term improvements.


In years 5 through 10, you will most likely be talking stuff like the above to many others and helping them understand how the journey looks like. Each time you do that, you feel more energized and motivated.


By year 10, your lifestyle has become entirely spiritual. For many people, their lives are fully transformed and their purpose in life has been achieved to a large extent. The other goals in life are still being pursued, but there’s no pressure or worry, you’re enjoying every moment of life.


Fight the negativity


As much as we try to use the positive forces in and around us for our improvement, negativity and negative forces exist too and work continuously to drag us down and push us off the path of spirituality or achieving our goals. It’s impossible to avoid negativity, but we can be fully aware of it and fight it without letting it sidetrack us entirely.


Being aware of the negative voices and scripts inside, the way it penetrates our ego and causes us to make wrong decisions and the obstacles it puts in our way are ways are useful when pursuing spirituality. Clearing techniques are sometimes necessary as negativities creep into our subtle energy system.


As long as we’re determined to see them go away and maintain a strong resolve to achieve our goals, they eventually leave us. Some situations can be really testing for us, it may feel as though life is falling apart for a short time, but negativity will always subside if we persist. These are the trials and tribulations of pursuing spirituality. We need to stay the course firmly.


Work on your compassion and humility


Our goals and ambitions are more likely to materialize sooner if there’s always an underlying sense of compassion in what we do. Humility is one of the most powerful strategies for tempering and grounding ourselves on any journey of self-improvement. Without it, we tend to make more mistakes.


Quite uncannily, neither of these can really be mentally worked on. All we can do is acknowledge the universal power around us and watch ourselves. Being thankful and grateful also brings in some humility. Regular introspection can keep us compassionate and modest. Make sure you spend the first five minutes of every meditation session, humbling yourself down completely.


Seek out help and collectivity


Group meditations and like-minded people to talk to are your best hope for staying on track. The journey of spirituality cannot be successfully conquered just by your individual efforts. So, when you feel down or need to recharge, try using the power of collective meditations and see how big of a difference it makes. When those negative voices started coming back, try spending time and talking to people who are remarkably uncomplicated and putting their spiritual life above all else.


Finding your purpose in life


Since we only recommend focusing on spirituality and your health, it may seem that you’re going to spend a decade on a life that’s likely going to be boring with hardly any excitement.


The truth is that once you fix the foundation of your life, a lot of creativity, energy and well-directed attention becomes available to you. And very soon, you’ll find yourself pursuing things that give you the maximum joy and happiness and with full vigor.


The problem right now is that our lives are very cluttered and filled with a lot of things, many of which are not relevant and not what we really want, nor are they focused on long term health and well-being. We may be chasing a lot of things because people we know are doing so. But these things may not actually make us happy when we achieve them.


We may have gotten entangled in a very complicated style of life and it’s getting harder and harder to feel free, light, energetic, joyous and problem-free. The way out is to do a reboot or reset and then re-organize our lives to include those that have a meaningful purpose.


That’s exactly what re-establishing your life on the foundation of spirituality and good health will achieve.


In our last part of this series, we’ll share some surprisingly simple but effective strategies for maintaining good health.