The 2020s are coming soon upon us. We wish everyone a successful entry into a new decade. 


But let’s take a step back to introspect.


Where were we in our lives at the start of the last decade, the 2010s?


What was the quality of our life then, and how is it now?


What are the good things and not so good things that transpired in the past decade?


Another ten years hence, we will all be in a different stage in our lives and ten years older. The years we have left and the time available for accomplishments are all ticking clocks. Unstoppable and decreasing all the time.


What should be our priorities for the next decade so that we can reflect again in 10 years and ensure that our life is fulfilling and successful?


There are only 2 things that really matter in life.


The first is being in good health, enough to stay reasonably active. Without this, we’ll always be forced to spend our attention on dealing with something inside of us – physically, mentally, or emotionally.


The second is finding a higher purpose in life – to seek and discover the secrets deep within us, to find the divinity embedded in us. And get the answers to the most profound questions in our lives. Why were we born, and what is the purpose of our lives? What are those things that we are meant to be most successful at doing?


The first is a no-brainer, but what about the second? Shouldn’t other things like attaining our ambitions, our dreams be more important? After all, what’s life about if we cannot feel happy and get that sense of accomplishment?


We agree. The race for the second spot in the list of our life goals is a tough one and filled with difficult choices.


But here’s why we, as meditators, rank the pursuit of spirituality higher than others. In fact, may would opine that spirituality comes at the top and automatically grants good health, making it unnecessary to have good health as a separate goal in itself.


However, as practitioners of meditation, we recommend giving adequate importance to staying physically fit, eating well and being health-problem free, unless you’re so highly evolved spirituality that your physical side can be healed automatically by your meditation all the time.


Why is being spiritual so important?


A joyous life, every moment of it, is much more valuable than a happy and accomplished life. In fact, we can enjoy our happiness and accomplishments in a much deeper way if we find the ultimate joy in life. And that joy can only come from finding the ultimate power within us.


Accomplishments are also easier when aided by the force of divinity within us. Hard work becomes easier and less stressful. Failures along the way become more comfortable to digest and move past. 


Staying connected to nature and being grounded keeps us very realistic and modest. Even with our great successes, we do not overindulge or resort to extremes in life. Our meditation keeps us balanced and within bounds, every step of the way.


In the pursuit of accomplishments, a self-realized person does not comprise relationships in life or being collective and in touch with humanity. Highly ambitious people, on the other hand, may not care about this aspect so much if they are spiritually grounded and may find themselves to be lonely when they reach the heights of their accomplishment.


Once we become spiritual, our achievements and goals tend to lean towards helping and making the lives of people better. Changing the lives of people is on an entirely different level of satisfaction than mere money or power centric success.


Spirituality can realign your life goals and purpose.


There’s a good chance that you’re chasing goals and dreams right now, that are either not meant to be or not good for you. Or even more importantly, they may not be what you might want or truly enjoy after you achieve them. 


The rationalization of your dreams happens when you pursue spirituality. The divine power inside you tells you, ” This may be what you want, but this is really what you need and what you’ll be happier with.”


And that, right there is the most compelling reason that the discovery of spirituality a goal right at the very top of your list.


Our ego and raging mind may tell us to go after something in life, but these are inferior faculties compared to the enlightened attention and realized soul within you.


We are driven by whichever faculty we heed at any point in time in our lives.


The secret behind the most fulfilling life is to heed our spirit as much as we can, not our mind and ego.


So, how can we focus on the 2 most important goals in the next decade?


If you’re reading this, this past decade has already brought you to the doorstep of finding those answers. Yes, you found Sahaja, and it kindled your curiosity. And we’re here to tell you that this was indeed the discovery of your life, regardless of whether you’re a regular meditator, a reader of spirituality, or just trying to explore.


Sahaja is that all-purpose vehicle that can make your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life whole. Not surprisingly, practicing Sahaja meditation will achieve both the essential goals of good health and spirituality in one shot. Your spiritual pursuits will automatically improve your health over a decade for sure.


And not only that, you will discover the purpose of our life, reprioritize your goals and start working towards fulfilling those.


Watch this space for our next article on how you can break down the 2 primary goals and techniques for achieving those. In the meantime, think of how your last decade was and what you think or feel should be much better in the next decade. Remember the ticking clock and think about  how you’d like to feel when you feel you’ve exhausted most of the active years in your life and want to take rest. Do you want to feel satisfied that you tried hard? Or will you be okay living with not being sure whether you really knew what you wanted out of your life and whether it could have perhaps been more fulfilling in some way?


Now’s the time…the last 2 weeks only are left of this decade.