For many, Meditation just doesn’t seem to be an immediate priority. They figure they’ll get to it at some point in their lives. More commonly, many think they should probably wait and explore meditation at a point when they’re less “active.” For some reason, meditation is wrongly associated with being physically inactive, or viewed as an activity you do when you have nothing else important to do. Meditation is sometimes viewed as a classic “postpone for retirement” candidate.


Others view meditation as a practice that must be borne out of necessity — to solve a particular problem or health concern. If they’re already successful, generally content and have what they want, or at least most of it — money, success, fame, peace of mind — meditation seems “unnecessary.”


And finally, for those of us who are already meditators, we pass through periods in life where many other things become priority and meditation takes a back seat, sometimes too frequently. Sure we’re meditators, but not all that regular.


Should meditation be a priority in our lives, if so, why and how?


First and foremost, meditation is a tremendous productivity-booster, problem-solver, creativity-inducer, and cognition-improver to name just a few benefits. Whatever you’re doing with your life now, meditation will help you do it better. Stress relief and mental health benefits are not the only reasons to meditate. In fact, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Through continued meditation, for example, one can attain the higher reaches of consciousness and become a more self-actualized, self-realized, and ultimately, enlightened being. Such degrees of self-transcendence are much more difficult to achieve without a mechanism such as meditation to help drive them.


The Benefits Accumulate, Compound and Manifest


Meditation is an investment that yields compounding returns that you can continue to draw upon at every stage of your life. The benefits are multi-faceted. If your current life is fulfilling, chances are, you’re the type of person who tends to do things right and be good at what you do. This means that if you were to try meditation, you’d likely be good at that, too. So the benefits you’d receive from meditation would likely fall at the high end of the spectrum of possible benefits. For you, the sky’s the limit. After all, one can never be too happy or too satisfied. And those who have never tried meditation may be operating from a position of unconscious incompetence — they don’t know what they don’t know. Meditation can offer a whole new universe of benefits that they cannot yet even conceive of.


Very often, we seek instant gratification and so stress relief is the biggest reason most people meditate. But we’re here to tell and show you that stress relief is just the very beginning and a gateway benefit of Sahaja meditation. Meditation can transform you, your life and your personality. It can help you shed addictions and bad habits. It can help forge relationships and eliminate misperceptions about you with people you interact.


Most of all, meditation can help you discover the most mystical of secrets that are inside you – like the purpose of your life and your place in this universe.


In Sahaja meditation, it’s not just about relaxing yourself, it’s about achieving a connection to your Inner self and the Collective Unconscious. By making meditation a priority or the most important facet of your life, you allow the natural all-pervading power to drive and guide your life. This force of nature creates and moves everything in this universe and is supremely intelligent, much beyond what we human beings can fathom.


Thus your life starts aligning with a higher state of existence, one in which bad things seldom happen to you and it feels like everything is flowing along smoothly every day. That, of course, does not mean you’ll get everything you want, but you certainly get everything you need in life. Everything and everyone seems to fit in perfectly in your life and all your doubts and questions vanish to give way to a sense of confidence and happiness, something that no amount of money or material comforts in life can buy.


How Can You Make Meditation A Priority in Life?


Do it first thing in the morning after you wake up, don’t miss this for anything.


Gradually increase your duration of meditation, so the benefits and the experience matter more to you. After this, you’ll never give it up.


Have at least one collective meditation session on your calendar for each week. Our online sessions can be very useful for this. Group meditation accelerates the benefits and establishes you as a meditator more quickly. Simply persist for several weeks until it becomes a habit.