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Self-Realization & Self-Transcendence

How Self-Realization Through Sahaja Meditation Resonates with Maslow’s Self-Transcendence

The characteristics of a person who experiences the Self-Realization process through Sahaja meditation are strikingly similar to psychologist Abraham Maslow’s characteristics of Self-Transcendent people. The two concepts are nearly identical, which effectively neutralizes some of the debates about “spirituality vs. science” or “spirituality vs. psychology.” In fact, Self-Realizing people may begin to focus more on the correlations between spirituality and science, rather than the contradictions.

Sahaja practitioners tend to embody the Socrates’ classic philosophy that “An unexamined life is not worth living.” To many, life does not feel complete until they reach the pinnacle of their existence within subtler paradigms rather than within the usual human models of success such as money, power or status. Their yardstick for measuring the quality of their lives is the strength of their values and higher achievements. They develop an inherent affinity for the subtler things in life, such as an appreciation of nature, art, or music. They develop the emotional intelligence to perceive and understand what others are feeling and thinking without any explicit communication. Here’s how this evolution happens…

Self-Realization through Sahaja meditation opens our awareness of the subtle energy system and gives us the capacity to perceive the vibrations emitted from every element in the universe. Sahaja practitioners are able to perceive and appreciate every aspect of the world through the mode of vibrations and through the flow of positive or negative energy from objects, people and even situations. Elements that are completely natural, creative and artistic are inherently filled with vibrations, and practitioners can perceive and enjoy these vibrations in their hands.

This experience only increases the tendency to gravitate towards the subtler things in life and appreciate the beauty in everything, including those created by Mother Nature.

The subtler aspects tend to exude stronger vibrations than the superficial, materialistic, or outward aspects of life. The Self-Realized person can feel the vibrations coming from, say, a good-hearted person or an artist fully immersed in his art much more strongly than those emitted from a celebrity who’s famous for being famous or a stunning beauty pageant contestant.


Through Sahaja meditation, this sensitivity to the subtle happens almost automatically to the Self-Realized person. One secondary benefit is that this sensitivity helps us become experts at non-verbal communication.

After Self-Realization, life begins to have a different meaning — higher meaning — and you begin to appreciate the universe’s creations in a much more powerful way.

You become more respectful towards everything and everyone. Since you understand the true power of Nature now and experience it in the form of oneness with the all-pervading energy, you realize that all its creations are have meaning and purpose.



This subtler awareness and the pursuit of self-improvement become central aspects of our lives. By design, the chakras are associated with specific subtle qualities and improvement of the state of various chakras through meditation allows us to directly develop and improve specific personal qualities. For instance, strengthening the first chakra increases innocence and wisdom. Strengthening the second chakra enhances creativity. Strengthening the third chakra increases contentment. Improving such qualities and using them meaningfully and purposefully in our lives becomes a key motivational driver.


The Sahaja personality tends to become universal and global, not confined to narrow or limiting classifications, groupings or associations. The reason is that Self-Realization connects you to the universal, all-pervading power that is everywhere, and having learned to appreciate its presence and being one with it, your identity and personality become broader and things that are more localized or limiting become inconsequential. You’re able to appreciate each person as a reflection of the Inner Spirit, regardless of language, culture, race or religion. Patriotism, while important in some respects, becomes secondary in your life. A group of strangers who are eager to pursue higher goals in life may become more interesting to you than your next-door neighbor who is more interested in, say, discussing how to grow his investment portfolio. The mere fact that he’s your neighbor doesn’t cause you to “rank” his priorities as being more important. At the same time, you’re appreciative and respectful of the fact that he, too, has his own meaning and purpose in life. You’ll likely feel that it’s not your place to judge or rank people based on whether they’re pursuing higher goals in life just because you are.


You may also find that you’re able to appreciate virtuous people who are simple, honest and polite rather than those who are less so but highly intellectual or “interesting.” Your affinity with other humans is more holistic and based on virtues, traits and abilities, rather than their social standing or what they’re famous for. Celebrities or even locally famous personalities don’t impress you any more than the simple passerby on the street unless their achievements and personality are inherently resonating with the subtler values. You are certainly not part of the herd, following fashions and trends. You’re the one people follow — not from a popularity perspective, but because you have the gravity to attract just about anyone with your mere presence and the way you comport yourself. Yet, you are not so single-minded that you’re always chasing something mystical and largely irrelevant to real-world folks. You are still one of them.

You’re the one who seems to have an uncanny knack for finding solutions to problems. You possess knowledge and wisdom that they can admire.

Since you have a real and live connection to the natural universal power, you’re likely to find yourself treading paths that no one else has before, transcending the limitations imposed by conventional wisdom in order to achieve breakthroughs in difficult situations that most would avoid.

As a Self-Realized person, you’re likely to be the vibrant, dynamic personality with clear thinking, values and standards of your own. You’re likely to be the first one to question the status quo and engage in creative initiatives or challenging situations where breakthroughs are required, yet, you retain a sense of respect and appreciation for tradition and fundamentals. Revolting just for the sake of revolting is not your cup of tea. People tend to perceive you as far ahead of the pack in spheres of life that really matter — true happiness, true wealth and higher achievements.