Meditation is a long-term effort. Spiritual meditation is a lifetime achievement where we discover our true inner selves and guide our lives to stay true to what it desires.

Consistency and patience are the keys to success. Along with that, an insatiable thirst for discovering our deepest layers.

Just as each of us is involved in introspection about our spiritual growth, the Sahaja Online team decided to introspect on the types of programs that might help our attendees get the maximum benefit in getting varied experiences routinely from their meditation practice.

We realized that we all need more profound meditations and longer sessions to get into the depths of exploring and applying spiritual concepts. At the same time, we undertsand that weekdays can be busy, and a quick and strong dose of meditation can really help.

In keeping with this, we have lined up several new formats and topics starting in May.

25-minute meditation-only sessions

Not every session has to be about explaining a concept; at the same time, it can be both a deep and quick meditation experience. For example, many practitioners need help with being able to consistently do evening meditations before getting to bed. Our 25-minute meditation-only sessions are the best tool to get in a solid sitting of meditation before your day ends. Pure and complete relaxation, with nothing else included in the session.

In-depth workshops

When the weekend approaches, we feel it is time to do deep dives into spirituality and how deep meditation can penetrate our lives. The best investment one can make is in oneself, so our 2-3 hour workshops are meant to help you achieve breakthroughs in your meditation journey. They provide the motivation, knowledge and impetus needed for achieving spiritual breakthroughs.

Each month, we will select one or two topics for the weekend workshops, which are a way to get deeper into the practice.

In May, we start our workshop series with an all-important topic: how meditation can help with breaking undesirable habits and addictions.

We live in a society filled with indulgences, and it is very easy to get entrapped into doing and consuming things that are harmful to us.  But, the more worrying aspect is that, before we realize it, we’ve gotten ourselves into so many things that we “cannot do or live without.” We look back with frustration at the sales and advertisement gimmick that we was played on us. Or our tame surrener to the fads, fashions and trends that the fast-paced world throws at us.

Unfortunately, addiction today doesn’t have to be limited to severe drug or other extreme types of problems. It is very prevalent in our lives, and we and our next generations fall prey daily to “hard to get rid of” habits.

In our workshop this month, we will do a comprehensive deep-dive on identifying such habits that aren’t good for us, reshaping our perspectives in life, and, most importantly, how meditation can be a powerful aid to get rid of addictions and stay clear of them all our lives.

Learn and Meditate sessions

These are the usual sessions we’ve been doing for many years now. They are typically 45 minutes to an hour long and often have some element of learning followed by a meditation session.

All our meditation sessions can be seen on our Meditation calendar.

The most important way to benefit from our sessions is to have the resolve and commit to your spiritual improvement. When we do that, the time for meditation automatically finds its way into our schedules. Once we start attending a few collective meditations, we progressively get into better spiritual states, and our self-improvement journey begins to gather momentum.

We start discovering newer and more profound levels inside of ourselves and surprise ourselves with the problem-free lives that we begin to enjoy.

So, let’s commit. We’re ready, are you?

The RSVPs for the sessions will help you set reminders, but you can feel free to attend any of our sessions without the need to RSVP.

We look forward to seeing you in as many of our sessions this month as possible.