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Meditation should be more than just a New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!

After a brutal 2020 that saw life-changing impacts to so many across the world, it’s time to look forward to a strong and positive 2021.

It’s that time of the year again when we’re looking back on things we missed doing, failed attempts as well as new habits we want to include in our lives. After what’s happened in 2020, the wide-ranging health benefits of Sahaja meditation alone must be reason enough to start practicing or go deeper into this year.

Most people who have something to sell will first try to exploit the New Year Resolution urge in you to lead you to a habit that ultimately results in buying something from them.

At Sahaja, because there’s never anything to buy or sell, we’re going to do the opposite. We’re telling you why something like trying to meditate shouldn’t be just another New Year resolution. That’s despite so many people who try to tell you to make a New Year Resolution to learn to meditate.

by Shankar Ramani

Racism is anti-spiritual

As the protests spread across America, our sympathies and concerns go out to everyone whose feelings have been hurt by racism in any form or activity. Sahaja values, teachings, values and practitioners have always firmly opposed racism and, in fact, all such “isms” as being anti-spiritual. 

And that is not merely a point of view or stance. It is about embracing the simple truth that nature has for us. Realizing one’s spiritual self is the awareness of a higher reality, one that transcends race, faiths, cultures and beliefs. It is universal and a connection at the highest level of human consciousness. 

Today we examine how the pursuit of spirituality can make us fully aware of problems in our society and also offers a way to solve the issues engulfing us.

by Sahaja Online

The best-kept secret in town for 50 years

May 5th marks the completion of 50 successful years for Sahaja. That’s right, while many a mystical and mythical form of yoga and meditation have come and gone, we have stood rock solid, teaching spirituality and meditation to thousands in more than 120 countries across the world.

And our philosophy, teachings, mission and purpose have not changed one bit. We are about introducing the highest form of spiritual meditation that anyone can ever aspire for, and changing people’s lives in that process. Inspired by our Founder, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who hailed from India, thousands of practitioners have dedicated their lives to making Sahaja a lifestyle and to make the world a better place by giving this gift to as many people as they can.

But what does all this mean for you, as a practitioner?

by Sahaja Online

Spiritually uplifting money savers

As people who meditate and pursue spirituality in our lives, it is also important to be smart about managing our money. Yet, “smart” here isn’t just the conventional definition associated with wealth management. What if the ways we spend or save our money greatly improve our lives spiritually?

We discuss such tactics, especially when finances matter so much during this upcoming economic recession.

by Sahaja Online

How we’ll get over the current crisis

Unmistakably, what we’re seeing today is the number one crisis in the world today. In all likelihood, all the email you’re receiving now is Covid – 19 readiness or news about the run on toilet paper and face masks. The world seems to be filled with dire predictions and gloom and doom.


As experienced meditators, we offer a more positive viewpoint as well as our insights and recommended strategies on dealing with the crisis.


by Shankar Ramani