We have all asked the question about the purpose of our lives. Sometimes, we ponder about the purpose of human life in general. At other times, we’re curious about the purpose of our own life as an individual and what we were born to achieve.


The pursuit of spirituality sometimes appears to have a strong connection with it, but that is only the means to an end. What after all is that end goal?


We believe that there are likely multiple goals to achieve in life. But first, we’d like to be clear that the achievements just within the limited span of our current lifetimes aren’t entirely complete from a spiritual standpoint. They have to be something bigger, better and higher. Let’s see what our Creator had in mind.


Becoming a Divine Personality


Yes, after years of practicing actualized spirituality (not the mentally absorbed or intellectually analyzed information about spirituality), the ultimate purpose of a human being’s life is to move closer and closer to becoming a divine personality. Such a personality is characterized by a set of essential but powerful traits that human beings are born with. These traits, in fact, are embedded within our spiritual being, and not entirely cultivated or acquired. That spiritual being, to be specific, is a package that comprises of our inner Kundalini energy, the chakras, the channels, and the Inner Self or Spirit.


This spiritual being has the seed of all the innate qualities – it comes down to how our lifetime of actions, behavior and experiences ultimately help us develop these qualities to a deeper extent than what we were born with. In the process of achieving this, our composite spiritual personality attains a better and higher state across our lifetime. When we’re near perfect across all these traits and qualities, then we become God-like, no doubt a far cry for most of us in a single lifetime.


Does that mean we have many lives? Yes, our spiritual being does. It pursues the spiritual journey across these lives. How does it carry on from where it left off in one life to the next? Well, the Kundalini energy is the recorder within it that knows everything about us and stores this information within us forever. It is our Spiritual and individual mother.


The interesting aspect is also that the progression and evolution to higher states of our being can only happen when we have human awareness. Without getting into complex topics like reincarnation or afterlives etc…, which frankly are unnecessary, it is safe to assume that God created human beings as a test of character. He wants us to evolve in our human awareness and lives progressively till we become a mirror image of him in our qualities. That is the ultimate purpose of our lives.


How does The Subtle Being Pursue This Goal in Life?


Our spiritual being is indestructible, while obviously, our physical bodies are not. The spiritual being enters a mother’s womb approximately two and a half months after conception. When it enters, it forms the subtle system of chakras and channels and establishes the instrument that can be used to attain the purpose of its life.


In fact, ancient spiritual texts say that the spiritual being longs and strongly desires for this better state each time it takes birth in human form. Yet, for most people, it loses its way or forgets this purpose as our lives progress and become complicated, with ever so many distractions taking us away from the path of spirituality.


But if our seeking is strong enough, we rediscover our purpose and get back on track to achieve the main purpose of our lives. For this, the Spirit has to conquer all material and mundane things across our physical, mental and emotional planes of existence. If we get caught up all the time and are swayed by these, then we find it more difficult to attain our purpose and in fact, may lose sight of it altogether.


For those lucky few souls, who achieve the purpose of their lives to a large extent, their lives are marked by a significant degree of self-improvement on the spiritual plane. And you should consider yourself as one of these lucky people if you’re reading this, because if you are, then your inner spiritual being has brought you to Sahaja, a way of attaining your spiritual goal in this lifetime. They rediscover true innocence, innate wisdom, compassion, forgiveness and many other traits within themselves. In fact, they realize the potential within their chakras for manifesting the qualities in each chakra.




Life, after all, shouldn’t just be limited to a narrow focus about ourselves as individuals. It should be about emanating the spiritual qualities and the state of existence to others around us and motivating them to take to the path of spirituality too.


This is, of course, a superior goal and purpose of our lives and in fact, one that the divine greatly appreciates, even though it doesn’t expect it from us. Being able to first realize spirituality within us and then seek a higher purpose and pursue a cause outside of our own skin can make our lives very fulfilling indeed.


Our experienced instructor and practitioner, David Dunphy explains this nicely in this short video.