At Sahaja Online, we feel responsible for the self-improvement of every subscriber as much as they do and possibly more. Which is why we want to move beyond the traditional Thanksgiving wishes today and tell you what’s bigger and matters more in life.


I believe we live in the age of problems, the pace of which are accelerating. We wrestle with so many issues, from climate change to hatred. We no longer live in the same world our parents or grandparents did 100 or 200 years ago. We have many more man-made problems.


But, let’s not fool ourselves. We cannot claim that we have no role to play in these man-made problems. We live in a collective world where all of our actions have group consequences. And even if these problems don’t directly impact us today, they are sure to affect future generations in each of our families.


It’s Time for Human Beings to Do More Than Just Give Thanks.


There is a way of actualizing the feeling of Thanksgiving into meaningful action. It starts by beginning to think of greater good and being determined to contribute to the solution. And then, the way meditators can and should really devote their time, attention and efforts is by getting their own connection to the higher power and then using those powers to heal, influence and arrest the pace of deterioration of problems by slowly attacking the root causes, including the removal of anger, hatred and ego in every human being, one at a time. This, no doubt will take time, but is the only sure way of achieving anything meaningful.


God gives us a bounty of resources and happiness.


Merely being satisfied that we feel peaceful through meditation or pursuing our own individual journey is an essential first step, but hardly what God expects as the outcome and contribution from us. We have a greater responsibility to be the instruments of the power of love and actually do something about it – to use it meaningfully to enable the Self-Realization of others and allow them to be able to use this power inside them to further heal more people.


That is What True Thanksgiving, Grace, and Gratitude are Really About.


Especially, for seekers of the higher power, which nearly every meditator or person involved in Self-Improvement is. We need to start measuring the proportion of our time and attention spent on just our individual well-being versus what we do for the greater good and continually increase that as our life progresses. We need to start sooner than later because we are more energetic when we’re younger. No doubt, we need to establish a firm foundation of our individual self-improvement, before we begin to start thinking of our communities. And that starts with Self-Realization, followed by an established routine of being able to connect and draw into the all-pervading power, almost as if we’re fully integrated and one with it.


Then and only then can our actions be powerful, our voices heard and penetrate the rest of humanity.


And that’s exactly what pleases the divine the most, a lot more than Thanksgiving year after year, or mere empathy or understanding of the problems. Taking this path of urgent action for greater good also gives us unimaginable joy and fulfillment in our lives – the kind that drives great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr. or anyone who selflessly and tirelessly worked for the greater good. The world thanks, these people and will thank them forever through centuries.


Every meditator who has Self-Realization is capable of just great contributions in their lifetime and a lot more easily because they have direct access to the all-pervading power. And so, we probably don’t need to strive for lofty and nearly impossible goals of each of us becoming like Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. We can start today by enabling ourselves to develop this power inside us and then begin to give it to others.


That’s an easy way by which the world can change much faster.