Whether it’s stress or inflammation, nobody likes to look or feel older than their chronological age. Stress has a way of digging in and making us feel and look much older than we are.


Companies know our obsession with aging and are more than happy to provide us with a wide-range of anti-aging solutions. People spend thousands of dollars to find the correct product to turn back or slow down time.


What if there is a way to slow down the aging process that’s free? Would you give it a chance?


Anti-aging is one of the benefits of meditation.  Sahaja meditation can impact your well-being all the way to the molecular level reducing inflammation and stress.


Eight Ways Sahaja Meditation Can Slow Down the Aging Process


1) Meditation reduces inflammation, the driving force behind major diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.


2) Sahaja meditation reduces stress on cells from free radicals.


3) Meditation increases telomerase activity, which keeps immune cells young.


4) Sahaja meditation enhances immunity allowing you to live a longer life.


5) Meditation improves heart health with a lower respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure along with the regulation of blood glucose and the stress hormone cortisol.


6) Sahaja meditation can produce structural changes in the brain that improve cognitive functioning.


7) Meditation can give your ability to cope with stressors a boost, thereby increases your long-term resilience.


8) Sahaja meditation acts like a stress buffer to help you live in the present and give you control of the “now” with positive feelings and thoughts.


Join one of our free online group meditation sessions for the ideal place to slow down the aging process. Our guided online group meditations allow for you to participate from anywhere in the world.