We all face this problem almost always – we either have no time at all or very little of it. And for some strange reason, it’s always our self-improvement activities that end taking the brunt of the “lack of time” problem. Like meditation or a gym workout for example.


Yet you feel like you want to meditate or at least that you should’ve done a better job of making time to meditate. You see, it’s also that self-improvement bug in us – we got here and decided to try something like Sahaja because of its great potential and promise to transform.


Here’s what we can do.

Some Meditation is Better Than None at All


Yes, talk to a perfectionist like me and I’d hate to meditate for a mere 5 minutes. It’s almost nothing. 20 minutes is the minimum feel-good duration for me. It’s easy to fall into this trap of being perfect or trying to find that optimal duration. On some days, it won’t happen. So, you’ve got to stop thinking and just do it. Sit down for 5 or 7 or 10 minutes and meditate rather than ruminating on the 20 minutes you don’t have or can’t find.


Make Every Minute Count


When short of time, try surrendering quickly to the inner energy inside you. Allow it to work itself out and lift you to that higher Thoughtless Awareness state. Get out of the mode of thinking that you’re doing the meditation or anything at all. And one great way to surrender quickly is to use humility as a tool for a deep meditation experience.


Place and Time doesn’t Matter


Sure, we all love that quiet corner, some nice music, and even incense at times. But when time is scarce and all this is a luxury, the good news is that Sahaja meditation can work anytime, anywhere provided your attention is sharp and focused. So whether you’re on a train commuting to work or seated at work at your desk or taking that lunch break somewhere, you can switch to your meditative state by raising your attention to the top of your head (the crown chakra), asking your inner energy to rise and grant you thoughtless awareness and voila! You have a good bout of meditation to recharge you. And sitting positions and postures don’t matter either.


Not coincidentally, we designed Sahaja Online to help people meditate anytime, anywhere using any device they have on hand – live, instructor-led meditation. And so, live, group meditation sessions are easily accessible to you through our website.


Meditation Makes You More Productive

And so it can give you back a lot of time from the other activities you are into, which otherwise would have gone much slower with a lot of obstacles. But with meditation, your thinking and decision making is clear. Many people even report having found brilliant solutions to their problems when they took a break and did a 10-minute meditation. So find more time to meditate using meditation itself!


Make it the First Task of the Day


When you’re fighting for time, you know that your day is going to get crazy soon as you get to your routine. The trick is to keep meditation for immediately after you wake up. This way other things won’t get in the way.


Remember to Get Back on Track


Meditation is for the long haul. Tell yourself that you’re sure to get back on track with longer meditation and willing to fight out this temporary battle of finding the time. Use a few minutes of your meditation session towards the end to make this commitment to yourself and to the all-pervading power. Ask for help with humility.


The days of limited time for meditation will soon pass and you’ll get back on track. Persistence and commitment to your long-term self-improvement goals will finally help you win.