These days, information marketing is at its peak. Your mailbox is often full of email messages from content marketers, many full of flashy advice like “10 Ways to Accelerate Your Weight Loss” or “5 Ways to Develop Self-Confidence.” Or more likely, the message contains a product someone wants to sell to you, but in a very indiscreet, subtle way. They’ll write and make you visualize how you’ll feel, appeal to the deepest of emotions and by the time you’re through, leave you excited and really wanting what they have to sell. Product and Content Marketing 101.


And still, others will strive to be your partners for life, offering you something of value forever. You’ll only need to wait for the day when they have something to sell because that’s coming your way for sure. On that day, the fact that these people have given you a lot of useful content for quite a while will weigh on you and almost make it an obligation for you to click “Purchase” or “Buy Now.” There’s a big industry and big strategies behind what’s known as CTA or Call to Action. This is about taking the subscriber through various stages and getting them to click on the buttons that finally matter to the marketers.


The good news is that we folks at Sahaja are genuinely different. Which is why we’re bold enough to write to you confidently giving you an idea that you can actually unsubscribe from what we write to you. And focus on something better we have to offer – like meditation. Yes, it’s true.


We have nothing to sell to you. Ever. That’s a promise. If you don’t believe us: we have a 47-year track record of offering meditation and spirituality free of charge. What’s more? We can offer you a way out of the clutch of the hundreds of people trying to make you feel that you need them.


Our simple assertion is this: No, you don’t need them. And you don’t need us, either. In fact, when you’ve become what we want you to, which is your own guru, you don’t need anyone to tell you what to do or how to do something.


There is a way you can tap into your inner self and inner depths to access all the advice, motivation and solutions you’ll ever need. And you should get started on accessing these things inside of yourself today. Once you get good at it, then you can simply unsubscribe from all those marketers and content contributors including us. Of course, this can take some time and will need you to be consistent and disciplined enough to keep up your new method of extracting answers from within yourself.


And that method really is real, deep meditation. Day in and day out. And while you need not depend on us to give you the information you can read or knowledge you can acquire, we certainly think you’ll benefit from the group meditation sessions at a completely different level of your consciousness – by being part of the Collective Unconscious. Yes, that’s what really happens in our group meditations – a group of people silently tap into the ultimate source of power and feel the all-pervading power of the universe. And then they tap into that connection all day long to figure out the solutions they need. And access the knowledge they’re seeking. They aren’t running around to different sources, subscribing to email lists and newsletters or listening to marketers. Or reading tactical blog posts like “7 ways to connect yourself”. They just know and feel the truth inside themselves.


Here’s how your journey to liberation from advice-givers and information marketers can look:


1. Get your Self-Realization and initiation into Sahaja meditation. Our introductory session online does that.

2. Establish your daily routine of meditation and get in at least one collective or group meditation session per week. You can always ask us for the guidance you need over our online sessions.

3. Tap into your subtle energy system. In particular creative solutions come from your 2nd energy center, so focus on this center. Many other answers to your most complex problems and indecisive moments come from other energy centers inside you.

4. Develop the confidence that you are your own master – nothing, no one can give you better advice than what you can find through your own introspection.

5. If you ever need to recharge your inner source of creativity, wisdom, and knowledge, you just need to meditate more. And follow the path of spirituality. We can help you with that journey when you ask for it, without making you feel that you need to always stay connected to us or regularly read our newsletters or emails.


Go ahead and unsubscribe from every one of those people filling your mailbox. Try to rebuild yourself as your own adviser and guide in life.


Don’t be surprised or offended if we tell you that reading isn’t going to get you anywhere significant until you really start meditating. Stop buying things endlessly that people sell you – meditation and spirituality should cost you nothing. Really, that’s how real meditators and evolved yogis have been doing it for centuries. Obviously, they did not have email addresses, but they did not even have any money or anything to buy from others. Yet they were all towers of strength – for themselves and others. Aspire to become like them, not someone who is always reading advice from others (let this one be the last one if you’re reading it). Redirect the majority of your reading time to meditation practice.


Chalk out your game plan for focus, discipline, and perseverance with your meditation and spiritual journey. Put in a hook to reach out to us in case you get lost in your meditation practice.


And that is our goal at Sahaja Online. Get people to sign up, take action and then start leading their lives as experts who can guide others to do the same. We don’t want a growing list of subscribers and followers, especially those who do not take action or meditate, although we’d gladly entertain them as long as they want and need. On the other hand, we’ll be the happiest if you end up becoming part of our community of instructors. That would mean you have mastered your journey of spirituality and meditation.


So can you be different and become a doer starting today? When will you become your own Master?