Have you ever noticed how you react to problems and crisis situations? Do you get consumed by them? Do you panic and reach out for help? How easily do you give up? Most importantly, how much resilience do you exhibit until the problem is resolved?


Even further, are you seen as a problem-solver for others?


A distinctive feature of meditators is their ability to deal with and work on problems. Here’s how they do this.


Stay Positive – Ever-Optimistic


We are innately optimistic and hence switch to unearthing every possible positive outcome even when faced with adversity. Our negativity fighting attitude towards life gets us to focus quickly on eliminating the root cause of the problem and move towards healing and resolution.


Brooding and getting stuck is rarely in our style of living.


There’s a particular reason for this optimism. The energy that flows inside our subtle energy system and which we draw into is one of pure love and compassion. It is forever benevolent and trying to do good. And hence it’s always driving us to restore the balance to positivity and goodness in our lives.


Ability to Witness The Problem


Meditation trains us to watch ourselves always by separating our attention from the flow of constant thoughts. Once our attention is recaptured and clearly able to focus on truth and reality, this becomes a habit. This is invaluable during a crisis or a problematic situation. We have this unique ability to see and quickly understand what is wrong and what needs to happen. We avoid reacting or being consumed by the situation because our Spirit is watching everything, including the problem, we separate ourselves from the problem instantly.


Recapture The State of Peaceful Equilibrium


Meditators always gravitate towards a situation of peace and calm. We do this at any cost as this is our primary existential state of mind – a state we want to always be in every moment of our lives. We value this state so we can focus on our higher pursuits. Most of the time, we don’t care if we have to pay our way through situations to get to this state. Or find creative ways or change things dramatically in our lives for it.


What might usually scare most people is having to spend money, which in turn comes from a strong attachment to worldly possessions and wants. Change in any form also bothers most people. And then, just being fearful and lacking confidence usually affects everyone in a crisis situation. Not us meditators, though. We organize everything in our lives around our higher, peaceful state of existence.


To us, the comfort of our inner Spirit is supreme and priceless. In any problematic or unbalanced situation, we are well equipped and very much driven to quickly getting to the endpoint – recapturing our precious stable, calm state of existence.


This is the single most valuable attitude change that greatly enhances our problem-solving ability and speed. So much so, that we are often called in to solve others’ problems and many times the first resort for our friends, relatives and colleagues.


Our uncanny ability to be unmoved and stay positive is much sought after.


Steps to Take to Improve Our Problem-Solving Ability


The beauty of this is that we don’t work on our problem-solving ability like everyone else. We try to work on our higher state and cement it as the fulcrum of our existence. Then we work towards achieving and establishing this state day in and day out.


This is done by persevering through our meditation routine, and trying to remain in that state as long as we can.


And for that, we obviously need to get started on a consistent meditation routine and make it a staple mental, emotional and spiritual diet in our lives.


One other strategy that comes highly recommended for meditators is a daily introspection routine. This involves actually writing down our problems and solutions for it every day after our evening or night meditation. How did we do? Where do we stand in our lives? How much self-improvement have we achieved? Extending this to a problematic situation is very valuable in improving our problem-solving capabilities.


So, have you planned for meditation to lay the foundation for a problem-free style of living?


Make a start if you haven’t already. We’re here to help.