Many of us try hard in life to achieve many things. We desire for things we don’t yet have, destinations we’ve not been to, or play roles and do activities we’ve not done before.


Uncannily, almost always, only a few of these wishes aspirations are really fulfilled. The rest seem out of our reach, to a point where we begin to feel that perhaps they were not meant to be.


Is that really accurate or is it just you?


Well, there is definitely some truth in that feeling because we’re bound by the purpose of our lives. And that certainly is unique to each of us. Then there’s the making and shaping of our personality. Who we’ve become all through our life as shaped by our experiences, feelings and emotions. Every bit of our personality was constructed carefully by nature and directed by the divine. This includes both what we were born with and what we went through after that up until now.


Those of us who live and practice spirituality know that our innermost subtle energies and state of our system make up our personality and character traits. But it doesn’t necessarily fix our destiny or the future for us. That is left to us. Yet, when we do things, lead our lives in a certain way, those very energy components and states are impacted, positively and negatively.


Ultimately, we are a sum total of our innate abilities and personality, plus the experiences we subject our core inner self to. But there definitely is an aiding and moderating force in nature and within us.


That is our own inner energy or the Kundalini and the source of power it is part of. Our own Kundalini energy is always working to direct us to the best outcomes and what is good for us. It is always focused on what we need, not what we want.


And so, that is really the inner power behind this “meant to be”. It doesn’t really fix everything firmly for us, but continually steers and guides us in directions that are most appropriate for us. We can certainly go off track, but then we get back on track, either forcibly through the consequences of our actions or through subtle indications from our inner power.


In this game of “what I want” versus “what’s meant to be”, it is not a question of who wins. Rather it is all about finding and knowing the purpose of our lives. Once we find that, the divergence or apparent disparity between the “what I want” and “meant to be” disappears.


Three things are clear. First, we need to find that inner voice or what the inner power is telling us and guiding us to. Second, we need to actualize and prioritize our lives in that direction. Third, we need to start making more and more positive impact on ourselves and the world around us.


With these three things, we undergo a holistic change in our lives. Our lives feel integrated, joyous and fulfilling.


If you’re reading this, surely your own inner power guided you and brought you to the doorstep of finding your purpose. That’s because Sahaja is the ultimate tool for self-discovery and finding purpose in life. If you haven’t yet launched yourself fully into discovering your purpose in life, our meditation sessions online are the most powerful, yet easy way of doing so.


Consider this – when you build a house, wouldn’t you rather find out what the best architecture and plan should be rather than starting to build it without a plan? If in life, the physical, mental and emotional planes are your house in this world, then discovering your purpose in life through a spiritual means is the blueprint or architecture of this house.


The question is, do you have the time and desire to launch into it? Or would you rather continue chasing the “I want them” aspirations randomly, gambling about whether they’ll materialize?


The holidays are approaching and the year is ending. Rather than make a new year resolution, what if you made a resolution to find all the answers you need before the end of this year?


Start by attending a continuous stream of our sessions and then do not hesitate to ask for more by writing to us, asking for help from our instructors.