Whether you chose Sahaja meditation for stress relief or to gain knowledge or for some other even deeper reason, it’s clear that the trigger of seeking inside you was the reason you decided to explore it. Spiritual seeking is built-in within us – our subtle energy system already has this seed or spark within us. This causes us to reflect and seek out higher purpose and self-improvement in our lifetime at specific times. Some of it is forced upon us by circumstances while the rest is up to us and maybe more casual, like developing an interest in something that ultimately leads us to a higher pursuit.


So, how can you understand where you are on this journey in your life? We thought we’d put up some key stages in this journey that we have seen people spend time. A lot of it comes from the experience of Sahaja practitioners on how their journey of spirituality panned out.


Some Have Not Yet Started Seeking.


In our first category are those in the world who are blissfully unaware and even happy without wanting or needing to be spiritual. You could say that the spark of seeking or urge within is fairly dormant. They’re likely too happy to meditate, as we once wrote.


A lot of our family members, colleagues and friends may fall into this category. For such people, the best thing is to allow this moment of seeking to manifest within them, because even if spirituality presents itself right now, they’re probably not going to understand it or see its value.


There Are Some That Are Seeking But Have Not Found The Ultimate Yet.


This is the group of people that have the spark within them fully active, but they’re hopping between various sources of spirituality and options available, often desperately in search for the ultimate. A lot of them know that they’re seeking, but they just have this emptiness within. They’re wanting something, a change in their lives and trying different things, but nothing is giving them what they want.


The good news is that such people are very close and will soon find their way to the ultimate and right path of spirituality in their lives. If we come across such people, the best thing we can do is share our experience and be the conduit and channel for them to find the ultimate.


Some Are Seeking But Lost.


In this category, we have people who at some point were seeking strongly but unfortunately have landed up on the wrong path. Such people include those that are stuck in paths that do not give them their true Self-Realization or complete power and independence to explore their inner being. They’re into something that merely touches the surface but they think that’s all there is to a higher pursuit of spirituality in life. Worse, some may be strongly conditioned and never give up what they’re doing currently.


The true seeker is one who constantly introspects, so such people can find themselves back again to come out of what they’re doing and get back on track. But they’ll have to do it themselves, no external trigger can help them. If they find others pointing something out to them, they may even shut down even more and stop listening entirely.


The Luckiest Ones Have Found The Ultimate.


These are the fortunate ones. Yes, you’re one of them if you’re reading this. You have an opportunity or have already gotten your Self-Realization and are nurturing your inner being, going deeper each day through your meditation. You’re enjoying the benefits and know that your life is on track. There will be ups and downs, but you are firmly on the right track and know that at least you won’t have to go looking or searching for the final and ultimate path that’s going to take you to the destination where you achieve the purpose of living your life.


Even if have been introduced to one of the ultimate paths to spirituality such as Sahaja, and have not yet started on this journey, you’re in this category and there still is time to get started. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that accumulating knowledge is going to get you started on this path. It won’t. You’ll have to actualize your Self-Realization and spiritual pursuit – do something, see some benefits and some positive changes in yourself.


Then There Are Some of Those That Have Gotten Complacent After Finding The Ultimate And Experiencing It.


The last category of us is those who have found the ultimate path and answer but have gotten complacent. We’re postponing doing the actual hard work it takes to move along this path – it’s like we’ve found this path but have almost sat down on it with no movement or progress. A lot of it may be because we’re complacent and we’re thinking we can come back to it when we find the time. Lethargy has set in and sometimes, the false sense of security that there’s nothing more left to explore is adding to the inability to take action and move further along this path. Or worse, we’ve developed an ego that we’ve accomplished something and that we can relax.


It’s easy to fall into this category and in fact, a lot of people shift between categories 4 and 5. Those in Category 4 are in fact most prone to falling into this category. They’re so close, yet still missing out.


Which is why we need to keep our priorities in life very clear. To stay on track, we need to make meditation a habit and an integral part of our lifestyle. We need to stay collective so external help can pull us out when we get complacent, instead of assuming that we’ll always be perfect and disciplined to stay on track.


Moral Of The Story


We will always be a spiritual work-in-progress, there’s no final state of perfection – if so, we would be God himself.


The entire journey is so subtle that it’s really hard to know where we stand and how good we are, in fact, no one can judge anyone but ourselves, we can only work hard and keep heading in the right direction.


We cannot know what the future holds. It’s like climbing a mountain peak no one has conquered before. You’ll never know what a higher altitude is going to look like until you get there.


But one thing is sure, the higher we go, the harder the fall and so, the more careful we have to be on this journey.


The tests get harder as we go higher. The negative forces that present obstacles get subtler, almost unrecognizable, so we need to work harder to fight them off as we progress.


But we have a lifetime to evolve spirituality. Then we can do whatever we want, even be free from the cycle of births and deaths – be the pure, joyous spirit eternally.


So do you know where you stand on this journey?