Here’s our list of the most important things you can focus on for a deep meditative experience.

1. Raise Your Energy And Prepare Yourself for Meditation


Sahaja meditation works by elevating our consciousness to the higher state of meditation where no thoughts can exist. And the inner energy does this spontaneously as long as we pay attention to it and request it to rise from the base of our spine.


2. Humble Down


Meditation is about surrender to the higher power. No, it’s not about relaxation or stress relief or calming down. Those are outcomes, not things we do. Once we humble down, we allow the energy to lift our attention up to the higher state of bliss and quiet. Humility is the #1 trait to bring to your meditation.


3. Separate Your Attention from Your Thoughts


Keep your awareness and attention sharp and do not let it get dragged around or involved or muddled up with your thoughts. You can do this by consciously monitoring the invasion or intrusion of thoughts and whether they’re causing you to think about the past or future. If so, just ignore them and let them pass by when you’re meditating.


4. Place Your Attention on Your 7th Chakra


Chakra based meditations like Sahaja are all about the pinnacle chakra or the Sahasrara. This is the gateway to the Collective Unconscious and you need to have your steadfast attention on this center which is located on the crown of your head.


5. Don’t Concentrate or Struggle with Your Thoughts


Many forms of meditation will tell you to concentrate, but in Sahaja, you only direct your attention and surrender to the inner energy to be lifted into the higher state. If you’re concentrating or thinking or battling your thoughts you are not in the higher state, but one level lower in your consciousness.


6. Don’t Time Your Meditation or Look at The Clock


Meditation is neither an activity nor is it time bound. It is a state to get into and beyond time and space. Never worry about your meditation delaying you for anything – it won’t happen when you are in the powerful subtler state. If you’re uneasy and restless, then you probably did not prepare yourself well enough for meditation, so go back to Step 1 above and prepare yourself better.


7. Enjoy The Unique Experience


Again, higher and subtler forms of meditation like Sahaja are not about stress relief, relaxation, feeling calm etc… the experience is truly unique when you’re connected to the heavens or at least touching it fleetingly. Try and feel that experience and enjoy it. Once you do, you’ll realize its value and never miss your meditation for anything.


8. Don’t Worry About Sounds, Smells Around You or Where You Are


When in the blissful state, these things are at lower levels and should not bother you. If they do, your connection (the inner self or spirit connecting to the all-pervading power) isn’t strong enough.


9. Don’t Worry About Your Problems, Catches and Negativity


Sometimes, you can get worried about problems in your chakras, what you are or aren’t feeling or just about not having a good quality meditation. In a state of complete surrender and full compassion, these problems will get washed away, so that’s what you need to focus on.


10. Respect The Profound Blessing and Opportunity


Nearly every one of us takes what we have for granted. Human beings are built that way. Having access to your Kundalini energy and accessing the Collective UnConscious was a lifelong, severe, brutal pursuit for many people centuries ago and they still didn’t get that opportunity and blessing. Today, we have this access and can get access when we want, where we want. Treasure this as the single most important thing in your life, for mankind may never see such easy access to something so profoundly divine in another century or age. This may be a limited time offer to a handful of human beings for all we know.