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How to Build Your Meditation Muscle

It’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t have issues with being consistent and sticking to a newly introduced routine. Especially when the routine involves some sort of a workout – physical or like in our case, regular meditation. The more difficult the workout the harder it is to fall into a routine and stick to it. The older we get, the more conditioned we are in refusing to inculcate anything new in our lives.


A different way of looking at it is that the greater the benefit and higher the purpose, the more difficult it is. And something like meditation and spirituality are at the apex of the pyramid of human needs. Therefore, they rank as the toughest to achieve when it comes to practicing consistently.


Don’t be surprised if we tell you that this is how Nature has designed it to be. Human beings can evolve to higher states only by being tested by having resistance and obstacles thrown in their path. You have to prove that you are worthy of it, in other words. Self-improvement goals achieved too easily will not be valued by us and we will likely come back to where we started very soon.


Achievements that come through winning over great difficulties are sweeter and longer lasting. Big muscles are developed by lifting heavy weights, not through a light workout.


So, how can we build our meditation muscle?

by Shankar Ramani

Getting Out of Your Own Way into Meditation

This seemingly simple and often ignored act can actually be very profound and even a breakthrough in your quest for learning how to meditate. But what does it really mean?


Nearly all other forms of meditation are geared towards focusing on getting you to perform some cognitive task, mindfulness is the most significant of them. Others ask you to focus or concentrate on something. Still others get you to reduce or eliminate your thoughts gradually using some technique.


Sahaja meditation is almost entirely the opposite of all these. You sit down for meditate and allow that inner energy inside to do its work. Yes, in fact, after you’ve prepared yourself for meditation with a basic starting step, there’s very little you should try to do.


In fact, you should actually get out of your own way.

by Shankar Ramani